3 Technical Tools to Improve Your Trading

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3 Technical Tools to Improve Your Trading

The study of stock prices and pricing patterns that might assist investors in determining whether a stock is overbought (expensive) or oversold (cheap) (cheap).Using a combination of technical indicators, known as correlation, traders may get a better understanding of a stock’s “big picture.” Volume, the Aroon indicator, and Fibonacci numbers are three technical analysis techniques that may assist promote more lucrative transactions. In fact, investors may utilize them in tandem to identify upcoming trends and remain ahead of the competition. Continue reading to find out how.

Turn Up the Volume

Volume is defined as the number of shares traded in a certain time period, such as an hour, a day, a week, or a month. This demonstrates the magnitude of an upward or downward price movement. Low volume often happens when prices move sideways or remain inside a trading range, or when the market bottoms. High volume, on the other hand, indicates the start of a new trend (two or more high or low points) in the stock. High volume may also be seen during market tops when there is a strong belief that prices will rise, and it can be used to confirm an upward or negative trend.

If the stock is rising, it should have more volume on the way up and less volume on the way down. In contrast, large volume on downward swings and low volume on rising moves indicates a decline. You can identify the best spots to enter a trade by combining volume and stock movement. (See also: Price Movements Confirmed by the Volume Oscillator.)

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Tune Into Aroon

The Aroon indicator may assist determine the strength of a trend and its likelihood of continuation. To evaluate if a new trend is forming, investors often look for a move over or below zero (the no-trend, or neutral zone). A cross above zero denotes an upward trend (an “Aroon up”), whereas a cross below zero denotes a downward trend (an “Aroon down”) (an “Aroon down”).A reading around the zero line with no substantial crosses up or down suggests that the stock may continue to consolidate until a direction is verified. The Aroon indicator may assist you in identifying a developing trend and allowing you to benefit or protect yourself from losses. (For additional information, see Finding the Trend with Aroon.)

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Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci numbers or studies are a sequence of numbers in which the next number equals the sum of the two preceding numbers, such as 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89,144, and233. These figures may be used in trading in combination with support (the price at which the stock has previously stopped dropping) and resistance levels (the price where prices have stopped rising previously).(See also: Removing the Magic from Fibonacci Numbers.)

Following a major up or down move, the stock will often retrace its movement by a particular proportion. During these fluctuations, investors may use the Fibonacci number to predict whether a stock will contact a support or resistance level and then rebound. If it does, it indicates that the stock will continue its previous trajectory, either up or down. Whether the stock breaks through that level, the investor looks for the next region of resistance or support to determine if the stock will continue its previous motion. (For additional information, see Retracementor Reversal: Understanding the Difference.)

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Fibonacci numbers, in general, should be utilized in combination with support and resistance levels to establish if the stock has bottomed out or ceased growing at these points.

The Bottom Line

Using the volume, Aroon, and Fibonacci indicators in tandem might assist investors in determining whether a stock is going to move up or down. Volume indicates whether the stock will continue to move up, trend down, peak out, or reach bottom. The Aroon indicator indicates if a stock is starting a new trend or remaining in a trading range, whilst the Fibonacci number indicates whether the stock has encountered strong support or resistance. While no one signal is more essential than the others, combining all three might reveal information about a stock’s overall trajectory. (For further information, see Trend Trading: The Four Most Common Indicators.)

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