4 Countries Without Income Taxes

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4 Countries Without Income Taxes

Bermuda, Monaco, the Bahamas, and the United Arab Emirates are among the most popular nations that provide the financial advantage of no income tax (UAE).There are a handful of nations that do not impose income taxes, and many of them are quite nice places to live. However, living in a tax-free nation is not as simple as packing a bag and purchasing a plane ticket.

Key Takeaways

  • Personal income taxes are not levied in Bermuda, Monaco, the Bahamas, or the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Even if they reside in another country, US citizens are required to file and pay US income taxes.
  • If you renounce your US citizenship, you may be subject to a financial penalty known as an expatriation tax.

Escaping Taxes by Renouncing Citizenship

Citizens of the United States cannot avoid paying income taxes in the United States simply by relocating to another nation. All US residents, regardless of where they choose to live, are legally required to submit US income taxes in the same manner as if they were in the US. Renouncing citizenship may seem tempting, but it is not a simple undertaking.

To begin with, many nations do not provide simple access to citizenship. In most cases, the procedure is time-consuming and costly. Some governments will purposely maintain the entrance barrier high in order to attract only top-tier investment.

Second, the loss of hundreds of multimillionaires and billionaires who opted to gain citizenship in more tax-friendly nations has been devastating to US tax authorities. As a result, federal authorities have made it more difficult and costly to renounce US citizenship, charging an expatriation fee that may become exceedingly costly.

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For some, repatriation is more important than the tax penalty. The following is our examination of various nations that are completely livable—and extremely beautiful—but do not have an income tax.

United Arab Emirates

There are a number of oil countries in the Middle East that have no income or corporate tax, and the UAE is considered one of the most attractive with a relatively stable government and economy. The UAE has a thriving economy and a more multicultural environment than the majority of countries in the Middle East. This translates into excellent dining and entertainment options. There are also very good educational facilities available and a strong English-speaking populace.

The UAE does levy corporate taxes on oil companies and foreign banks. It also levies a value-added tax (VAT) on most goods and services.

The Bahamas

Enjoying the benefit of not having to pay income taxes in the Bahamas depends on residency, not on actually obtaining citizenship, making it one of the easier countries in which to access an income tax-free life. There is a minimum residency requirement for permanent residents of at least 90 days, and expats must maintain ownership of a residence for a minimum of ten years. The residence must also meet a minimum purchase amount that is prescribed by the Minister “from time to time” with persons that purchase a residence for more than BSD $750,000 getting “speedy consideration.”

As Caribbean islands go, the Bahamas is one of the relatively less-expensive ones in which to live. Overall, the country has good infrastructure and services. The one area where services are considered a bit below par is the area of medicine. Many U.S. expats who have chosen to make the Bahamas home still travel back to the U.S. for significant medical care.

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Nassau, as is to be expected with a tourist area, has a somewhat high crime rate. Overall, the distance to the U.S. and the beautiful atmosphere make the Bahamas a great place for many tax ex-pats.


Bermuda is a more appealing Caribbean income-tax-free location than the Bahamas, but it is also a far more costly country to live in. Bermuda’s somewhat secluded position makes it one of the most costly places to live in the Western world.

Bermuda is much more developed than the majority of the Caribbean islands, with great roads and public transit. Bermuda is also regarded as one of the most attractive and pleasant nations in the Caribbean, with its famed pink sand beaches and upmarket restaurants. Many American expats working in Bermuda work in the country’s well-developed financial industry.

Bermuda does not have a personal income tax, although it does charge employers a payroll tax and homeowners and long-term renters a land tax.


Monaco has long been regarded as one of Europe’s most attractive and desirable locations to live. It is well-known as a year-round holiday destination for ultra-high-net-worth people. Monaco, located on the French Riviera, features huge, well-developed marinas that are often inhabited by a diverse range of boats from across the globe. The Monaco Grand Prix is a favorite of the wealthy, with several apartments renting for $10,000 or more per night during the race.

Monaco is a city-state around the size of the Vatican. It boasts one of the lowest rates of crime in the world. One disadvantage is that Monaco is also one of the most expensive locations in the world to live. It is simple to get access to Monaco’s tax-free financial environment, but it is not inexpensive. A valid residency visa may be issued in less than three months, but at least 500,000 euros must be deposited in a Monaco bank.

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Honorable Mention: Andorra

Andorra, located in the Pyrenees mountains between France and Spain, has long been known as a tax haven since it does not levy personal income taxes. That changed in 2015, when the government implemented a progressive tax rate of 10% for persons earning more beyond 40,000 euros per year. In comparison to other nations’ personal income tax rates, Andorra’s low rate may make it an appealing alternative given its other distinctive characteristics.

Because of its mountainous terrain, Andorra is a popular destination for skiers and mountain climbers. Apart from ski visitors, life in Andorra is largely peaceful and calm. Andorra is well-known for its low tax rates as well as the absence of inheritance and gift taxes. In line with its tax-friendly stance, Andorra boasts one of the world’s most sophisticated offshore banking businesses.

Correction for November 13, 2021: An earlier version of this article mistakenly listed Andorra as a tax-free nation.

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