Blockchain Operating System

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Blockchain Operating System

What Is a Blockchain Operating System?

Blockchain is used as a support system in the background of a computer system or platform by a blockchain operating system. For example, your Android smartphone or Windows PC requires a local installation of the corresponding operating system (OS) on the smartphone’s memory or the PC’s hard drive, and all transactions and instructions are carried out locally. A blockchain-based operating system takes all instructions and transactions from a user’s device and authenticates, executes, and records them on the blockchain.

Key Takeaways

  • A blockchain operating system makes use of blockchain ledger technology to operate computer systems or networks completely or partially.
  • Blockchain protocols must be able to execute computer code and human instructions in order to act as an operating system.
  • Blockchain operating systems, originally intended as an operating system for mobile phones or other connected smart devices, boast a high degree of data protection and user anonymity.

Understanding Blockchain Operating Systems

Blockchain is finding widespread use beyond the traditional payment processing method of the famous Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The blockchain operating system is the latest craze in the field of distributed ledger technology.

A blockchain is simply a ledger that has been converted into a transaction processing engine. Whether you need a payment processed, or you want to arm your cryptokitty with the latest gadget on the Ethereum platform, or you want to track your expensive wine shipment from the vineyard to your doorstep on the VeChain blockchain, all such blockchain applications are based on authenticating, recording, and processing transactions.

Any typical operating system, whether Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, or mobile systems such as Android or iOS, conducts transactions based on user instructions supplied by mouse clicks or screen taps, with all processes done locally on the device. The same idea is applied to the usage of a blockchain for device OS, where its use as an operating system is seen as a more efficient OS.

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Examples of Blockhain OS Efforts

The earliest efforts to create a blockchain-based operating system appeared for mobile and smartphone usage, and it was a cloud-based virtual system. All transaction processing takes place on the cloud-hosted blockchain-based data center, with the user just delivering appropriate orders through device touchscreen taps.

For example, the Hong Kong-based NYNJA Group Ltd. has formed a strategic partnership with Amgoo smartphone manufacturers for its blockchain-based NYNJA virtual operating system (vOS).The two businesses will collaborate with telecom carriers in Latin America to give an initial block of data to NYNJA vOS subscribers upon activation. The vOS has a communication layer that includes text, audio, video conferencing, and project management capabilities, as well as a secure payments layer for commercial transactions and a multi-currency wallet that supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any ERC-20 compliant tokens.

The OS platform also includes a marketplace for commercial operations, such as distributing skilled ‘gig economy employees to particular job requests from customers, as well as a market for users to purchase and sell things. The vOS is backed by its own cryptocurrency, NYNJAcoin or NYN.1.

Special Considerations

All blockchain benefits and advantages are intended to be accessible to blockchain OS users.

Whatever a user performs on their Android or iOS mobile devices, or Windows or Mac PCs, is susceptible to being recorded by the relevant applications, ISPs, and OS makers, who may record all user activity in the OS logs. Blockchain-based operating systems provide advantages in terms of security and privacy, as well as the deregulated, decentralized usage of operating systems.

The idea is still under development, and real-world applications are restricted. However, if it is successful in providing a seamless and clutter-free operation of the device OS, it may not be long until more and more devices operate on such blockchain OS.

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