Bowl of Greek Chicken and Potatoes

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Bowl of Greek Chicken and Potatoes

We might have scaled down our critically acclaimed Greek Chicken and Potatoes recipe to make it a little quicker and more “bowl-friendly.” But, to even things out, we also made our Big Fat Greek Salad recipe much bigger fatter. As it turns out, chicken fat-soaked potato cubes make for some pretty incredible croutons.

One of the keys here is to make sure you cut your potatoes small enough to crisp up relatively quickly once they go back in the oven, but not so small that they break apart when removed from the pan. Speaking of: I like to use foil, which works great, as long as you let them rest for a couple minutes before trying to scrap them off. You can use a silicone baking mat, which eliminates any sticking issues. But you just won’t get that same level of crustification — and as I’ve said many times before,it’s all about the crustification.

Other than deciding on what to add to your bowl and/or how to tweak the dressing, this recipe couldn’t be simpler. As much as I love our classic Greek roast chicken and potatoes, I enjoyed this salad hybrid every bit as much. Which is why I really do hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Greek Chicken & Potato Bowl.Chef John

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