Can You Pay off a Walmart Credit Card in Store?

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Can You Pay off a Walmart Credit Card in Store?

If you have a Walmart card in your wallet, you have many alternatives for paying your bill. Walmart Stores, Inc. accepts a variety of payment methods, including in-store purchases, for its credit cards. The global retailer has a store-only credit card and a general usage credit card; both card balances may be paid in-store.

Furthermore, Walmart cards may be used in Sam’s Club locations, albeit you cannot pay your Walmart bill there. You may, however, pay at the customer service counter inside Sam’s Club locations if you have a Sam’s Club card. 1

Key Takeaways

  • Walmart allows you to pay off your Walmart Rewards card in a variety of ways.
  • Bills may now be paid at numerous Walmart locations’ customer service desks.
  • You may use your phone to pay your bills ($700 or less each bill) using the Walmart Bill Pay app.
  • Walmart provides a Walmart retail card as well as a Capital One branded credit card.
  • If you want to avoid paying interest on your debt, you must pay it off in full each payment cycle, just like any other credit card.

Payment Options With Walmart Credit Cards

Walmart consumers may settle their credit card bills in a number of ways. Payments may be made at the customer service desk at any Walmart store. If a customer is also a member of Sam’s Club, they may pay at any Sam’s Club store. Payments made in-store are credited to a customer’s credit card account within 48 hours. Walmart cannot search up credit card information in-store, and payment with this method requires an actual card.

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Another option is to pay your debt immediately online using Walmart’s gateway. Customers may settle their bills by logging into their Walmart credit card account, which posts within two to three business days. Online payments cannot be set up to be recurring and must be completed separately.

E-payments for Walmart credit card balances may also be done if you open up an account directly with your financial institution and choose regular monthly payments. Of course, a valid bank account is required. Credit card balances may also be paid over the phone. It is free to pay over the phone using its automated approach, however it charges $10 if a person assists you over the phone.

Capital One Walmart Rewards Card

Walmart has two kinds of gift cards. Capital One offers an in-store card (for Walmart and Sam’s Clubs) as well as a conventional Mastercard. If you are a frequent Walmart consumer, the Walmart Rewards credit card might be a great method to accumulate reward points. You may get 5% cash back on your purchases when you use your Capital One Rewards at, including delivery and pickup. Shop in-store at Walmart, as well as gas stations, vacation destinations, and restaurants, and receive 2% cash back, plus 1% anywhere else that takes Mastercard.2

In addition, during the first 12 months, if you use Walmart Pay on your phone to purchase at a Walmart store, you may get 5% cash back. The amount on this no-fee card may be paid off online or at a Walmart store’s customer service desk. 3

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To pay their cards over the phone, Walmart customers must have a valid checking account with their routing number and account number handy, or a debit card may be used.

What Is Walmart Bill Pay?

Customers may pay their bills in a Walmart store or online via Walmart bill pay. According to the service’s website, Bill Pay at Walmart is linked to over 15,000 billers, enabling you to pay your mortgage, cable, insurance, and rent (along with other billers) while shopping at Walmart. The technology is “powered by” MoneyGram and CheckFreePay, and Walmart promises that payments may post the same day you pay them.

If you go to Walmart and want to pay your bills there, bring the accountant number and name of the business you are paying, the amount on the bill, and a cash or debit card to pay it with. 4

If you wish to pay online, you may utilize the Walmart Bill Pay app, which allows you to use your debit card to pay bills under $700. 5

The Bottom Line

If you have a Walmart credit card, you may pay it off in-store, online, via the Walmart Bill Pay app, or by sending your payment to your local post office.

Where Do I Send My Walmart Credit Card Payment?

You may pay your Walmart credit card by mailing it to the issuer, Capital One, or by paying it online or at a Walmart shop.

How Do I Pay My Walmart Credit Card Online?

By enrolling into your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card account and paying using its site, you may pay your Walmart credit card online. 6

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How Long Does It Take a Walmart Credit Card Payment to Post?

If you pay your Walmart credit card bill in-store, it may post within 48 hours. Otherwise, credit card payments typically take two to three business days to post.

When Should You Make a Walmart Credit Card Payment to Avoid Interest?

To prevent interest, you should make a complete balance payment on your Walmart credit card.

What Happens if My Walmart Credit Card Payment Is Late?

If you fail to make a payment on your Capital One Walmart card, you may end up with a greater amount as a result of incurred fees and interest charges. Furthermore, if you miss more than one payment, your account may be closed, but before that occurs, your credit score will most certainly suffer. 7

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