Changing Tax Withholding: When to Update Your W-4

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Changing Tax Withholding: When to Update Your W-4

Most people in the United States use the pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) method of taxation, in which anticipated income tax is paid throughout the year and then accounted for on tax day the following year. The federal government requires taxpayers’ employers to withhold a percentage of their workers’ income for taxes by withholding a portion of their monthly paychecks.

Employers depend on the information that new workers fill out on their Form W-4 forms to compute the exact amount they withhold. Employees get rebates if too much tax is deducted. Over the span of a year, though, a lot may happen. Under some conditions, it makes sense to modify the amount of tax withheld.

Key Takeaways

  • The pay-as-you-earn tax system in the United States encourages people to withhold federal income tax from their paychecks.
  • Your marital status (and its modifications) have a significant influence on your tax return.
  • As your family grows and more dependents are added, you may be eligible for greater deductions and tax credits, which means you may have to withhold less taxes.
  • The acquisition of your first property, for example, results in tax incentives that lower the amount of taxes payable.
  • You may adjust your withholding amount by submitting an updated Form W-4 to your employer.

When You Should Change Your Withholding Tax

Most people have until April 18, 2022 to submit their federal income tax returns for 2021. Due to Patriots’ Day in both states, taxpayers in Maine and Massachusetts have until April 19th to file their taxes. All taxpayers who seek a filing extension will have until October 17, 2022 to submit their returns.

Events That Trigger Changes

The amount of taxes withheld is determined by the following factors:

  • Whether you submit a W-4 for a “married” or “single” rate
  • The amount of money you make (across a single or multiple jobs)
  • Whether you want to withhold further payments
  • The number of allowances you are eligible for

Changes in your family circumstances, such as the birth of a child or the loss of a spouse’s work, may have an immediate effect on your tax status. In many cases, adjusting the amount of withholding is definitely worth it to avoid incurring a larger tax payment than required.

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Your taxes may be affected in two ways if you are married and file a joint tax return. To begin, if your partner earns a living, your total household withholding may rise. Second, if your partner does not work, your total withholding will probably decrease. Separate filing is also appropriate in certain cases.


Divorce might affect your family income, but there is also the issue of alimony to consider. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which was enacted into law in 2017, changed the tax status of alimony beginning in 2019. Alimony payments will no longer be tax-deductible for the payer, while recipients would no longer be required to disclose alimony as income.

Birth or Adoption

In order to compensate for the expenses of raising children, the birth or adoption of a child instantly adds a dependant to your family and reduces the total tax burden. Consider lowering your withholding to take advantage of the credits and enhanced deductions as soon as possible.

When your children reach the age of majority and move out, you should reconsider your withholding since you may no longer be qualified to claim them as a dependent.

New Home (or Other Major Purchases)

When you buy a house, you may adjust your withholding to take advantage of tax breaks. There are many credits available to first-time homeowners, and the IRS’s list of recognized tax breaks changes on a regular basis.

This is true for any major deductions or credits you may be qualified for in a particular year, such as education credits, dependent care expenditures, medical expenses, and charitable contributions.

Big Increases in Non-Wage Income

Non-wage income from side enterprises, stock dividends, or interest income must be included into your withholding. For example, if you successfully bought in and sold shares or cryptocurrencies for a profit, the earnings are subject to either short-term or long-term capital gains, depending on the holding period.

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Working Two Jobs

Two-income families and those who work several jobs are more sensitive to withholding inequalities. This is particularly true if each withholding certificate is filled out to withhold a set amount for each employment. Working two jobs each paying $25,000, for example, puts a taxpayer in the 22% tax bracket in 2021. However, each withholding certificate may separately believe the individual is in the 12% tax bracket.

Similarly, abandoning a second job enables you to lower withholding on your current work or collect allowances that you were previously deferring.

Getting Your Withholding Right

On its website, the IRS has a good withholding calculator. in addition Form W-4 includes instructions throughout the form as well as a separate set of instructions. The processes to adjust your tax withholding are outlined below.

  1. To calculate your federal income taxes, use the IRS’s online Tax Withholding Estimator.

  2. If you think that the change in your taxes is significant enough, notify your employer that you want to modify your federal income tax withholding. Your employer may provide you with a blank W-4 form to fill out or lead you to an electronic platform where you can submit the information.

  3. Fill out Step 2 of Form W-4 if you have numerous jobs or if you and your spouse both work. This step’s data is utilized in the stages that follow.

  4. Step 3 of Form W-4 must be completed if you have dependents. This phase determines how much of your income is cut as a result of the dependents you are declaring.

  5. If you have many jobs, you may choose to have all taxes withheld on a single W-4 form. To pick this option, fill out Step 4(a) of Form W-4 with the amount that would have been withheld in your prior capacity. If you pick this option, remember to opt out of withholding on your work.

  6. If you expect to get further tax advantages throughout the year, you might opt to lower your tax base even more. Enter the amount you anticipate to not have to pay on Form W-4, Step 4(b). For example, taxpayers who purchase their first house are entitled for substantial tax breaks, albeit this must be explicitly stated on a W-4 on this line to be properly reflected.

  7. If you anticipate having to pay more taxes, you may withhold an additional amount by entering it on Step 4. (c).

  8. When sending a corrected form to your firm, compare your past and current pay statements to verify the right modifications have been made. Changes to your withholding amount may take one or two pay cycles to take effect.

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Coordinating with Spouse

While you cannot claim the same benefits as your husband, you may divide them.

Is It Better to Withhold More or Less Taxes?

It is wiser to withhold more taxes if you wish to avoid paying taxes as part of your tax return. However, there is a missed opportunity when you withhold more than you need. By paying taxes ahead of time, you forfeit the option to invest those money and possibly expand your wealth.

Will Changing Withholding Affect My Paycheck?

Yes, adjusting your tax withholding will affect your take-home pay, but not your gross income. Increased tax withholding reduces your net paycheck amount, whereas decreased withholding raises your take-home income.

How Do I Update My Withholding Amount?

You may submit an updated Employee’s Withholding Certificate if your employer withholds taxes on your behalf (Form W-4).

The Bottom Line

People may go years without having to change their withholding status considerably. However, when life changes occur, it is worthwhile to re-file the W-4. If you overpay the government throughout the year, you will be reimbursed. However, if you pay too little, you can be startled by a hefty charge.

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