Crypto VC Firm Invests 200K Ethers in US Startups

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Crypto VC Firm Invests 200K Ethers in US Startups

Forget the current multibillion-dollar trade war between the United States and China—blockchain technology is creating new cross-border investment possibilities for individuals who perceive its great future potential and want to make timely investments for maximum rewards. (See also: Trump’s Tariffs on China: What’s at Stake for the US?)

As more organizations get on the blockchain bandwagon, numerous new firms with novel ideas to create unique blockchain-based goods and services are sprouting up. To capitalize on the blockchain growth, venture capital (VC) organizations are striving to take the chance to make early investments in tomorrow’s prospective blockchain unicorns with the goal of making large returns. (See also: 2018’s Top Blockchain Startups.)

According to CoinDesk, a China-based blockchain-focused venture capital company has announced the launch of a U.S.-exclusive project that will be backed with 200,000 ethereum tokens available to invest in blockchain firms in America.

Chinese Crypto Fund for AmericanStartups

Node Capital, a renowned blockchain-focused venture investing firm based in Beijing, unveiled its U.S.-specific investment ambitions on Wednesday at the Silicon Valley Blockchain Week event in San Jose, California. Under the initiative, a local office in the United States will be established to find and invest in eligible blockchain firms with the goal of building a healthy portfolio of investments in Bay Area blockchain startups.

The timing for the office’s establishment and start-up is still being worked out. The US-specific venture will be financed using ether tokens worth around $86.5 million at the time of writing.

Node Capital, founded by Du Jun, has invested in a wide range of blockchain-related startups. They include investments in over 160 crypto initiatives related to news content, digital asset transactions, storage, and application and technology development. However, the company’s primary concentration has remained in China, with more than 80% of its investments in Chinese-based blockchain solutions. Among them are Coldlar, a hardware wallet manufacturer, Jinse Finance, a cryptocurrency media outlet, and Bocheninc, a blockchain solution provider. Node Capital has also invested in more than 20 bitcoin exchanges. Platforms like as FCoin, which uses a “trans-fee mining” income model, are among them.

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