Driving with TD Ameritrade Network

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Driving with TD Ameritrade Network

Internally, TD Ameritrade has a Tiger Team innovation group that has worked over the past several years to expand the brokerage’s reach beyond the desktop computer. This team provides the firm’s services to the platforms that its customers use, enabling them to access market data, quotations, and assistance via Facebook Messenger, Twitter direct messaging, WeChat, and Amazon’s Alexa devices. Their most recent release, released on July 22, 2019, is support for mobile device streaming, which is available for Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Echo Auto.

These new applications do not allow you to trade while driving, but it is a step in that direction.

Americans waste a lot of time stuck in traffic. Those who regularly watch the financial markets may miss out on chances because they are on the road. “We began looking at driving because automobiles are becoming more like computers,” said Sunayna Tuteja, who just retired as TD Ameritrade’s director of strategic partnerships and new technologies. “This is a logical extension of providing financial information and education right to where we are.”

Tuteja thinks that financial information users should have access to markets and education as part of their daily lives, rather than as a duty on a lengthy to-do list. Client input was used to build their in-vehicle products. You don’t have to be driving to listen to this material; you might be exercising on a treadmill or going for a stroll. Tuteja’s team’s ideas are based on the desire to be free of your desktop computer.

The applications are named TDAM Radio, and they can be obtained everywhere you get mobile apps.

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The on-demand list lets you choose from past shows.

You may stream audio from TD Ameritrade Network immediately when the roster of programs is being aired live, 8am-4pm Eastern time. After the eight hours of material for the day has concluded, you may add on-demand audio to a playlist inside the app. The Apple CarPlay version of the app provides audio and allows you to create a playlist.

TDAN Radio playlist on Apple CarPlay.

The Android Auto and Echo Auto applications provide certain extra features, such as the option for customers to request a price or a report on their account performance, balances, and positions. Tuteja claims that they want to include this feature in the Apple version once they are able to incorporate the Siri shortcuts unveiled at the most recent developer’s conference.

“We’re passionate with using new technology,” adds Tuteja, who will be focusing on cryptocurrency solutions for TD Ameritrade customers.

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