Dutch Babies with Buffalo Chicken

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Dutch Babies with Buffalo Chicken

I wanted to sneak in one more party snack video before we return to our normally scheduled programming, and it doesn’t get any more party snack than buffalo chicken. It also doesn’t get any more tired and cliché, so to make things a little more interesting, I thought I’d present this ubiquitous chicken in a mini Dutch baby delivery system.

By the way, calling a Dutch baby “mini” is technically redundant, since the first known example of this German-style pancake was actually three small “babies,” instead of the large single serving we’re familiar with today. Nevertheless, I think a snack-sized serving is perfect for this presentation, and I’m banking that your average partygoer isn’t as versed in baked pancake history as I am.

As I said in the video, this technique will work no matter what kinds of meats and cheeses are used, so please feel free to experiment. A Dutch baby is fairly neutral in flavor, so it will pair with pretty much anything you’d put on a piece of bread or stuff in a bun. But, whether you alter these or not, if you’re looking for a slightly more creative, and affordable, way to eat Buffalo chicken, I really hope you give these a try soon. Enjoy!

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