Tips for Doing the Final Walkthrough Before Closing on a Home

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Final walkthroughs are not the same as house inspections. They are not the time to start negotiating with the seller about making repairs or adding a condition to the transaction. A final walkthrough’s principal goal is to ensure that the property is in the condition in which you agreed to purchase it, including if agreed-upon repairs, if any, were completed and that nothing has gone wrong with the house since you last looked at it.

Before the settlement of the homebuying deal, a final walkthrough is undertaken. Buyers are often strapped for time when the purchase closes, so they may be inclined to pass up this chance.

However, numerous complications might arise, and skipping the final walkthrough is never a wise idea.

What to Look for During the Final Walkthrough

The tour is a last check for any unsolved concerns with the house. Follow this checklist to guarantee that no steps are missed.

  1. Turn on and off all of the light fixtures.
  2. Check for leaks beneath sinks by running water.
  3. All appliances should be tested.
  4. Examine garage door openers.
  5. All doors should be opened and closed.
  6. Toilets should be flushed.
  7. Examine the ceilings, walls, and flooring.
  8. Start the trash disposal and ventilation fans.
  9. Check the heating and cooling systems.
  10. Close and open windows.
  11. Ensure that any debris is removed from the house.
  12. When the House Is In Use

Sellers may not move out until the day the purchase closes, or perhaps a few days afterwards. In these cases, buyers should do a final walkthrough in the presence of the seller since the seller is familiar with the home’s eccentricities and should be able to address any concerns the buyers may have.

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This is also a good opportunity to get a forwarding address from the vendor so that you may send letters if required.

It’s a good idea to maintain strong relations with the vendor, even though buyers seldom encounter the sellers in certain regions of the nation.

The last tour might be a great time for all parties to say hello.

Tips for Doing the Final Walkthrough Before Closing on a Home. Source: Freepik

Why Is a Final Walkthrough Important?

Assume you’re buying the house of a local sportswriter who has been relocated to an other city.

They departed immediately after listing the house for sale. The house inspection went off without a hitch.

The inspector found no issues that needed urgent care. In actuality, there was nothing concerning about this circumstance.

When you perform the final walkthrough, your realtor urges you to switch on all the lights, run the water, and check sure the stove works, but you’re interested in other spur-of-the-moment diversions and all that “new home” excitement.

Instead of listening to your agent’s suggestions, you argue over couch placement and which window treatments to purchase for the living room.

Fortunately, your agent was there for the walkthrough. They walked throughout the home, turning on water fixtures and hitting the toilet handle. Flush! A torrent of water gushes out the earth in the backyard nearly simultaneously, and it stinks.

Your agent’s flushing activity showed that tree roots were developing in the sewage pipe. The following day, you get a $5,000 quote to repair the sewer.

Your agent should be entitled to deduct that amount from the profits of the sale.

Vacant House Problems

Sellers often abandon their houses before to closing, making it more more important for purchasers to undertake a final walkthrough in circumstances when the seller has already fled the premises.

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When properties lie uninhabited for any length of time, problems occur. Termite companies, for example, obstruct shower drains. 1 When testing showers, they may use paper and leave the water running.

If the termite inspector fails to remove all of the paper over the drain and does not fully turn off the shower handle, a tiny drop may quickly escalate into a flooded bathroom.

Floods may also be caused by disconnecting refrigerators from the home water connection and relocating washing machines.

Leaks may occur in old plumbing that hasn’t been utilized in a long time.

Final Walk Through Tips Before Closing on a House

When will the final walkthrough take place?

The last walkthrough is usually done around 24 hours before closing, when the seller has moved out.

It is intended to be your last opportunity to ensure that the house is delivered in the condition you anticipated before signing off at the closing.

How long does it take to complete a final walkthrough?

A final tour might take anything from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the size of the house and the problems you find.

Remember that this is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll ever make, so don’t speed through the tour.

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