Grandma Jeanette’s Delectable German Red Cabbage

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Grandma Jeanette’s Delectable German Red Cabbage

Authentic German red cabbage is a uniquely delicious dish with sweet, sour, and delicately spiced flavor. It’s a standout side dish that uses pantry staples, shredded red cabbage, and sliced apples to create a vibrantly colored, fork-tender bite you’ll never forget. Learn how to make German red cabbage, get serving tips, and find the best methods for storing leftovers.

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How to Make German Red Cabbage

German red cabbage is a surprisingly easy recipe to master. You’ll find the full recipe below with step-by-step instructions, but here’s what you can expect when you make this top-rated recipe:

Begin by adding butter, sugar, apples, and cabbage to a large pot. Pour in the vinegar, water, and spices before bringing the mixture to a boil.

Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 1 ½ to 2 hours — the result will be soft and irresistibly tangy cabbage that’s ready to pair with some of your favorite dishes.

What to Serve With German Red Cabbage

This delightfully sweet and sour cabbage dish is traditionally served with rich, meaty options like German Beef Rouladen, beer brats, or homestyle pot roast. German red cabbage also works well with saucy barbecue dishes, dumplings, and other traditional German fares.

How to Store German Red Cabbage

Leftover cabbage can be stored for up to five days in the refrigerator. Reheat gently on the stovetop for the best result.

Can You Freeze German Red Cabbage?

Yes, leftover German red cabbage can be safely stored in the freezer for up to three months. Allow it to cool completely before placing it in a tightly sealed freezer bag or airtight container.
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Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

“Made exactly as written and it was perfect for us,” shares home cook Boo22Babes. “This will be a staple in our home. I also love the idea of using it as a condiment. Trying the leftovers on ham and swiss sandwiches today.”

“I prepared this last night paired with grilled pork chops,” says att. “It was simple, fast, and absolutely delicious with an abundance of flavor.”

“I didn’t have an apple this time, so I used apple sauce and it came out just as good,” says reviewer gs777. “You might cut down the sugar a bit if you prefer it not as sweet, but all in all, a great dish!”

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