Honeycrisp Apple Tarts Individual

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Honeycrisp Apple Tarts Individual

There are many things I love about this adorable apple tartlet, but my favorite thing doesn’t have anything to do with the taste, texture, or appearance. It’s the fact that we’re creating a professional-looking apple pastry without having to slice apples, thanks to our trusty potato peeler. By building this tart with thin ribbons of apple, we’re able to unlock a ton of flavor, in a very visually enticing way, as well as achieve what I think is the perfect cooked apple texture.

On second thought, I guess my “favorite thing” does have something to do with the taste, texture, and appearance after all. Any baking apple will work for this recipe, but Honeycrisp really works well. They are generally nice and large, and their natural sweetness means we don’t have to use a lot of sugar. By the way, feel free to use a lot of sugar. If you want something sweeter and more syrupy, you can easily double the amount, and the rest of the technique should work out the same.

If you’re not into fun-sized apple tarts, I’m guessing this ‘peel and coil’ method would work for a standard size tart pan, but I’ve never tried that myself. If you do, please report back. But, no matter what size pan or ramekin you use, I really do hope you give this a try soon. Enjoy!

Chef John

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