How Can International Students Get a Credit Card?

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How Can International Students Get a Credit Card?

You have various alternatives if you require a credit card to use while studying in the United States. The simplest option is to apply for one before your travel in your native country.

MasterCard, American Express, and VISA brand cards may all be obtained from international banks and used in the United States.

If you want to remain in the nation after finishing your studies, you may choose to establish an American credit history by using a credit card provided by a U.S. bank. That procedure may be difficult since most banks in the United States need you to obtain a Social Security number (SSN).Here are your choices:

Citibank simplifies steps

Applying for a credit card in the United States might be intimidating. Citibank is one of the better possibilities since the procedure is simple. Most banks in the United States need a Social Security number before issuing a credit card to a foreign student, but Citibank does not. It offers an annual fee-free credit card to overseas students. Its bank accounts are likewise free of monthly costs.

The Citibank Global Transfer service enables customers to effortlessly send money from the United States to another nation, allowing you to conveniently transfer monies between your accounts and your family’s accounts in your home country.

How to get a Social Security Number

While Citibank does not need a Social Security number, most other banks in the United States do. You may also get a Social Security number if you are studying on an F-1, M-1, or J-1 student visa and are permitted to work in the United States.

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The finest credit card needs you to first get a job. This might be difficult if you are unable to find work on campus. Obtaining a job off campus requires approval from the Department of Homeland Security.

You may apply for a Social Security card that enables you to work if you have a letter of authorisation from your school or potential employer. If you are unemployed, you may get a different sort of Social Security number, but your card will be listed as ineligible for employment. It will, however, allow you to get a credit card from a bank that provides them to overseas students.

Expect a Secured Credit Card at First

After obtaining a Social Security number, you must handle your lack of credit history in the United States. You will almost certainly need to apply for a secured credit card at first.

Generally, you must deposit the amount of money you want to use as a credit line on this kind of card. For example, a $500 deposit is required for a $500 line of credit. Because it is not a prepaid card, your money will stay undisturbed and generate interest as long as you pay your bills on time. Your best bet for a bank that offers a secured credit card will be one that is close to the school and serves other students.

Pay all of your invoices on time to have an excellent credit history. After six to twelve months, you should have a solid enough credit history to qualify for an unsecured credit card that does not need a deposit. You might acquire it from the same bank or from another.

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Other Ways to Build Your Credit History

In addition to beginning with a secured credit card, you may be able to establish credit by making regular payments on other bills.

If you live off campus, for example, you might request that the administrators of your apartment complex submit your monthly rent payments to credit reporting companies to demonstrate that you pay your expenses on time. You may also be able to request that your mobile phone and other utility payment history be recorded in order to develop your credit history more rapidly. Some of these entities may agree to report, but not all of them. As your credit improves, you should have more credit card options with better conditions.

The Bottom Line

International students confront difficulties in obtaining a credit card in the United States. The easiest option to get an international credit card is to obtain one from a bank in your native country.

If that is not a possibility, Citibank provides student credit cards without requiring a Social Security number. That piece of identification is required by other banks. Once you have the credit card, make sure you create a strong credit history in the United States by paying all of your payments on schedule.

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