How Does the GameStop Credit Card Work: Benefits and Rewards

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How Does the GameStop Credit Card Work: Benefits and Rewards

Many shops provide perk-filled credit cards, but GameStop Corp. (GME) was the first to do so in the gaming-only niche. The targeted client base’s early response was mixed. Some in the gaming community were concerned that GameStop was attempting to entice children into a debt trap, and the comparatively high annual percentage rates (APR) also prompted criticism.

Fortunately, conventional credit standards apply, and only people aged 18 and over are eligible for credit lines. The APR range is high when compared to ordinary bank-issued cards, but it is similar to retail cards. The rewards program may be beneficial to frequent consumers.

key takeaways

  • The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card is an extension of the retailer’s loyalty program that rewards customers with extra points for purchases.
  • The GameStop credit card may only be used in physical GameStop locations or on the GameStop website.
  • There are two membership tiers for the GameStop credit card: Basic and Pro.
  • Most candidates may be authorized even though their credit score is lower than that of most credit cards.
  • The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card, like other merchant cards, has no annual fee but a high interest rate.
  • The GameStop credit card, on the other hand, may benefit habitual gamers, GameStop consumers, and GameStop PowerUp rewards members.

How the GameStop Credit Card Works

The GameStop credit card complements the retailer’s PowerUp Rewards program. Exclusively program members may apply for the credit card, and it may be used only in GameStop shops or on the GameStop website.

The credit line granted is determined by each applicant’s credit history and normally runs between $250 and $3,000. A greater limit may be requested by contacting customer care and speaking with a supervisor for manual approval. The consumer has the option of paying off the debt in full each month or making smaller payments over time, which will result in interest charges being applied to the balance.

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Rewards and Benefits

The credit card benefits are determined by the version of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program to which the consumer belongs. The application is available in two versions: Basic and Pro. The basic membership is free, and it operates by accumulating points for purchases at a rate of 10 points per dollar spent. These points may be redeemed for gaming equipment, special collectibles, discounts, and other items from the rewards catalog. A $14.99 pro membership provides double points for purchases, discounts on specific products, unique deals, and a monthly magazine subscription.

When they open a GameStop credit card, basic members get a 5,000 point bonus. Pro members are awarded 15,000 points. In addition, cardholders get an extra 5,000 points for every $250 spend throughout the calendar year. In addition, the firm guarantees unique incentives to cardholders.

Customers that shop at GameStop often gain the most from the card since they may collect points much faster. A Basic member, for example, would ordinarily obtain 2,500 points for spending $250. They can get the 2,500 points plus an extra 5,000 points for the same transaction if they use the GameStop credit card. When the 5,000 sign-up bonus is included in, the total is 12,500 points rather than 2,500 points.

Where Can Someone Get the GameStop Credit Card?

Applicants may apply online at Comenity Capital Bank, which also accepts applications via its website, issues the GameStop PowerUp Rewards credit card.

What Kind of Credit Is Required for the GameStop Credit Card?

When compared to other credit cards, GameStop’s credit criteria are deemed lenient. Consumers with credit scores in the low to mid 600s have reported getting accepted. 1

The credit limit and APR depend on the applicant’s credit.

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GameStop, like other credit cards, looks for established credit, a consistent source of income, and a fair-to-good credit score.

Where Can the GameStop Credit Card Be Used?

The GameStop credit card can only be used at GameStop, either in-store or online. Cash advances, on the other hand, are permitted on Visa and Mastercard cards.

Alternatives to the GameStop Credit Card

Other conventional gaming retailers, such as Best Buy Co. Inc. (BBY), generally provide a rewards percentage and/or interest-free financing schemes in exchange for utilizing their own store card when making purchases. Best Buy, for example, provides 5% back or 12-month finance. These merchants’ credit cards are often Visa or MasterCard-affiliated, which means they may be used everywhere rather than only at that particular shop or online. Comparable credit cards with similar rewards systems are available from online retailers such as Inc. (AMZN).

Terms and Conditions of the GameStop Credit Card

The regular APR on the GameStop card is 26.99% as of March 2021. The gaming community first chastised GameStop for its “extortionate interest rates,” and the rate is actually a little high, even for merchant credit cards: a 2020 poll of retail cards indicated that the average APR is 25.90% (though several of the 81 cards evaluated did surpass 30%). For consumers with strong credit, regular, general-purpose credit cards offered by banks and financial institutions generally decrease about 20%.

The GameStop credit card claims no annual charge, which is common among shop credit cards.

Who Should Consider the GameStop Credit Card?

The GameStop credit card should be considered by frequent gamers, GameStop consumers, and GameStop PowerUp rewards members. They may use the card to make purchases and make payments on their balance over time. Cardholders may also earn extra incentives and get special deals while growing or improving their credit.

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GameStop Credit Card FAQs

Does GameStop Have a Credit Card?

GameStop has a PowerUp Rewards credit card, which provides cardholders with a variety of incentives and unique deals.

Can I Apply for a GameStop Credit Card Online?

Apply for a GameStop PowerUp credit card online at or on the website of the credit card issuer, (search by brand).

What Credit Score Do You Need for a GameStop Credit Card?

While GameStop does not disclose their minimum credit score criteria, several customers have experienced approval with credit scores as low as the low 600s.

Where Can I Use My GameStop Credit Card?

In general, the GameStop credit card may only be used to make in-store or online GameStop transactions. If the card is issued as a Visa or Mastercard, it may be used everywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted. 2

How Do I Pay My GameStop Credit Card?

GameStop cardholders may make payments online via the website of the card issuer (Comenity). To avoid a late charge, payments must be received by 6:00 p.m. on the due date.

The Bottom Line

If you like gaming, the GameStop credit card might be useful. However, because of the high interest rate, it is most beneficial to regular clients who pay off their amounts each month. You may earn points for your purchases whether you buy in-store or online. Following the conditions of the agreement will protect you from late fees and damage to your credit.

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