Kurt Russell Film ‘Crypto’ Is in Post-Production

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Kurt Russell Film ‘Crypto’ Is in Post-Production

Could a feature film offer the impetus needed to completely mainstream cryptocurrencies? That may not have been the intention of “Crypto,” a new thriller starring Kurt Russell and Alexis Bledel, but it may have been an unintentional consequence. Despite its emphasis on crime and corruption, the “overall message of the movie is good,” according to the film’s makers, according to Bitcoin.com.

According to the source, the film, which is planned to be published in 2019, “tells a traditional criminal thriller set against the background of murky cryptocurrency operations.” According to reports, the film is about a young anti-money-laundering agent in a small New York town who attempts to unravel a web of corruption and fraud employing digital tokens.

Producers Speak Out

The makers of “Crypto,” Jordan Yale Levine and Jordan Beckerman of Yale Productions, openly confess that they are not “experts in genuine real-life cryptocurrencies.” Levine went on to say that, although both producers have “”It was really our writers that fleshed out the idea and dived into the research,” she said of bitcoin investments. They were the ones who really became specialists in order to ensure the film’s authenticity.”

All of this is to argue that, although the film may be engrossing for thriller aficionados, it may disappoint bitcoin enthusiasts. The film, according to Levine, “doesn’t especially concentrate on any one coin… [but] the general message of the film is good, even if [it] does focus on crime, corruption, and cryptocurrencies.”

Levine and Beckerman expressed their “hope that cryptocurrency is here to stay.” With a popular film starring big-name actors in the works, Yale Productions may help to explain cryptocurrencies for the typical investor. A film intended to be interesting and amusing, on the other hand, is unlikely to dwell on the day-to-day details of life as a participant in the bitcoin world.

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The film also stars Beau Knapp, Luke Hemsworth, Jeremie Harris, and Vincent Kartheiser in addition to Russell and Bledel. “Crypto” was initially reported on in June of this year, although no official release date has been announced as of yet.

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