Leaked Photo Suggests NSA Infiltrated Cryptocurrencies

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Leaked Photo Suggests NSA Infiltrated Cryptocurrencies

The recent report that the National Security Administration (NSA) may have successfully initiated investigations into “Tor, I2P, and VPN,” with an additional pending request for projects centered on cryptocurrencies, is likely to be met with skepticism by the cryptocurrency community.

Privacy, security, and anonymity are all major appeals for bitcoin investors. Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, were supposed to be decentralized and mostly uncontrolled vehicles, free of many of the conventional machineries that govern regular currencies.

4chan Post Suggests Investigation

According to bitcoin.com, a snapshot released on the famous 4chan message board claims to represent a document from the United States Army Cyber Protection Brigade dated August 21, 2017.

According to the paper, the US Army collaborated with the NSA to undertake studies on Tor, I2P, and VPN, three programs used to encrypt and hide anything from data to user location.

A blurry image of the claimed letter was posted on 4chan, fuelling suspicion and conspiracy theories.

Tor and I2P are often used to get access to the dark web, which includes illicit black marketplaces such as the old Silk Road bazaar. (Also see: What Is the Dark Web?) Many of these marketplaces have typically used cryptocurrency as a form of payment since they provide better anonymity and security than conventional currencies.

Many people who use Tor, I2P, and VPN have long suspected that the government has accessed and hacked various portions of those programs, and this document, if true, seems to support that belief. (See also: Who Is Roger Ver, often known as “Bitcoin Jesus?”

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Government Infiltration of Crypto World?

Aside from successful studies into encryption technologies, the letter implies that the NSA may be investigating cryptocurrencies themselves. “The success we have had with Tor, I2P, and VPN cannot be repeated with currencies that do not depend on nodes,” according to the document.

Before bitcoin aficionados think the government is attempting to infiltrate digital currencies, it is necessary to determine if the document is genuine. The original image displays the note on some type of computer terminal, with a part of an official ID card next to it.

Nonetheless, the letter might be an effort to instill fear and distrust among the bitcoin herd. Those concerns may be unjustified, since it is unclear what the purpose of these investigations, if they exist at all, would be. After all, the memo’s date is many months old, and several other media sites reported on it within the same time span. (Also see: Crypto This Week: Bitcoin Price Drops Below $8,000).

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