Manti (Armenian Dumplings) (Armenian Dumplings)

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Manti (Armenian Dumplings) (Armenian Dumplings)

Armenian-Style Manti Dumplings – Rock the Boat

I usually try to get relatively competent at a recipe or technique before I unleash it on the general pubic, but there are two scenarios when I don’t. One would be when a recipe fails so miserably that I think it would make for a funny video, and possibly provide a “teaching moment” or two. The other is when the recipe is so amazing, and/or interesting that I just can’t wait to master it before sharing, which is what happened with these incredible Armenian-style manti dumplings.

Like I said in the video, even a bad manti is a great manti, and I stand by that claim. I love everything about the taste, texture, and shape of these already, so you can imagine how excited I am to refine the technique even further. My dumpling dough needs to be softer, and has to be rolled thinner. Also, my meat needs to be tucked in more, so the dumplings stay together a little better. The great news is that the only way I’m going to improve those things is by practicing. Over, and over, and over, until I get it.

These will work with any ground meat, or plant-based alternative, and can obviously be seasoned to suit your taste. We really liked the flavor and texture produced by using the tomato-spiked broth to finish the dumplings in the oven, but that’s also an optional step. Many versions are simply baked and served with a yogurt sauce, which, by the way, is not optional in my book. That would be like French fries without ketchup, only worse. But, no matter how you adapt these, I really do hope you give them a try soon. Enjoy!
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