Marsala Chicken

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Marsala Chicken

Chicken Marsala is a classic dish loaded with rich, meaty, and herbaceous flavor. A luscious mushroom wine sauce coats fried chicken breast for an unrivaled taste of Italian-inspired goodness. This mouthwatering recipe transforms common pantry ingredients into a show-stopping meal. Learn how to make the best Chicken Marsala right here.

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What Is Chicken Marsala?

Chicken Marsala is a succulent dish that features thinly sliced pieces of pan-fried chicken breast and mushrooms in a reduced wine sauce. Its name comes from the fortified Italian wine used to give the dish its trademark deep, nutty, and slightly sweet flavor.

How to Make Chicken Marsala

Make a restaurant-quality chicken dish at home in just 30 minutes. You’ll find the full recipe below with step-by-step instructions, but here’s what you can expect when you make this top-rated recipe:

Begin by coating chicken in a seasoned flour mixture. Cook chicken breast in a large skillet over medium heat until lightly brown. Add mushrooms, wine, and sherry to the mix before covering the skillet and simmering for around 10 minutes.

What to Serve With Chicken Marsala

This family-friendly chicken recipe pairs well with many side dishes. Try a cheesy risotto or Tuscan white beans for a full Italian meal, or opt for classic dinner rolls. Any way you serve it, this decadent Chicken Marsala is sure to be a hit.

Can You Freeze Chicken Marsala?

If you want to enjoy your delicious leftovers later, pour Chicken Marsala in a freezer pan and save for up to two months. Thaw in the refrigerator, and reheat in an oven preheated to 350 degrees F for best results.
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Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

“This recipe is quick and easy to make,” shares home cook Craig. “I added sliced onions and halved plum tomatoes. Served over a bed of white rice. Delicious.”

“Our new go-to meal!” raves reviewer Kelley. “We could not find Marsala wine so substituted port wine instead – delish! Plus, I added way more mushrooms!”

“I removed the chicken from the pan while making the sauce and added a little half and half to it to make it creamy,” says Jillian. “It turned out great – this is a definite keeper!”

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