Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit Definition

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Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit Definition

What Is a Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit?

A mortgage rate lock deposit is a cost levied by a lender to fix the interest rate on a mortgage for a certain amount of time, with the understanding that the borrower’s mortgage will fund within that time frame.

The needed lock deposit increases with the length of the lock duration. When the mortgage funds, the borrower is given a credit for the lock deposit. The borrower forfeits their lock deposit if they breach the terms of the mortgage and lock agreement.

Key Takeaways

  • You may feel more at ease with a mortgage rate lock deposit.
  • A rate lock enables you to budget for the purchase of a new home by letting you know the amount of your future mortgage payments.
  • In the event that interest rates decline after you have paid to lock in a certain rate, your lender can charge you more to transfer to a lower rate, or you might be forced to stay with the higher rate and forfeit your deposit if you leave.

How to Calculate a Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit

The deposit amount is determined by simple multiplication. Calculate the percentage fee for the rate lock deposit first, and then multiply that number by the mortgage balance.

Mortgageratelockdeposit = Mortgageamount * Deposit% Mortgage rate lock deposit equals mortgage amount multiplied by deposit percentage Mortgageratelockdeposit=Mortgageamount∗Deposit%

The fee for a rate lock might be between 0.25 and 5% of the total loan amount. For instance, a 0.25% rate lock deposit on a $450,000 home loan would be $1,125.

What Does the Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit Do?

If interest rates rise between the time a loan is approved and funded, the borrower is protected by a mortgage rate lock from having to pay a higher annual percentage rate on their mortgage loan. Many borrowers wait to make a deposit to lock in their rate until they have located a house to buy. They do this because they are unsure of how long it will take to locate a property and get an offer approved.

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With fixed-rate mortgages, whose rates are based on the yields of US Treasury securities, lenders employ mortgage rate lock deposits. The yield on the 10-year Treasury note is the benchmark for 15-year mortgages, while the yield of the 30-year Treasury bond is the benchmark for 30-year mortgages.

When yields on these securities increase, mortgage rates may be affected. This might be because the Federal Reserve raised short-term interest rates or because of factors like stronger economic growth or rising prices that lead bond investors to seek higher returns in anticipation of inflation.

Example of How a Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit Is Used

Mortgage rate lock deposits, which are assessed at a rate of around 0.25% to 0.50% of the mortgage amount, serve to lock in a certain interest rate on a loan. For instance, a deposit of $750 to $1,500 would be needed for a $300,000 mortgage.

The normal duration of a rate lock is between 30 and 60 days, however some lenders may extend it for 120 days or more. For a limited period of time, certain lenders may provide free rate locks, but after that, they may impose penalties to prolong the lock. Before receiving initial approval for their mortgage, borrowers cannot lock in a rate.

Limitations of a Mortgage Rate Lock Deposit

In times of sharply increasing interest rates, making a mortgage rate lock deposit may help borrowers save hundreds, if not thousands, on mortgage interest. However, the procedure is not without danger.

A borrower who locks in too soon may lose out on a better rate that becomes available before closing. Additionally, if the lock expires, the borrower could be required to put up more money as a deposit. If the borrower’s financial situation changes prior to closure, such as a drop in credit score or an increase in debt-to-income ratio, a rate lock may also be cancelled.

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