Older Cryptos—Peercoin, Namecoin—Stage Comeback

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Older Cryptos—Peercoin, Namecoin—Stage Comeback

Life moves at a mile per minute in the realms of digital money and blockchain. Aside from the major names, like as bitcoin and ethereum, it’s typical for investors to be interested in the newest and flashiest cryptocurrencies. In most situations, a new entry into the field only has one shot at success; if it can pull off a noteworthy ICO, a huge collaboration, or a listing on a popular exchange, it may rocket to the top of the list of digital currencies.

Otherwise, it’s doomed to mediocrity for the rest of its existence. That has been the overall trend over the last several years as the digital currency industry has expanded dramatically. However, two cryptocurrencies that are old by industry standards are exhibiting indications of fresh interest.


According to Crypovest, peercoin (PPC) is one of two relatively old currencies that has lately gained popularity. Peercoin established the Peercoin Foundation earlier this month, creating headlines other than those linked with the digital currency joke PiedPiperCoin. When PiedPiperCoin was created with the same ticker as peercoin, the value of the genuine cryptocurrency increased. With the uncertainty removed, peercoin can chart its own course. PPC is significant for being the first proof-of-stake digital money and for rewarding minters 1% yearly. PPC is currently the 195th biggest digital currency, with a market valuation of around $54.7 million. Nonetheless, the coin’s market value reached a high of more than $73 million earlier this month.


Namecoin is another digital asset that might make a comeback (NMC).Earlier this month, NMC developers stated that the currency may play a role in the creation of a decentralized internet. Because this has long been a goal of many members of the digital currency ecosystem, NMC stands to gain tremendously if it is realized. However, as of this writing, NMC is trading marginally lower than it was at the time of the news. If nothing else, this serves as a warning that, new or old, digital currencies’ values may shift substantially and quickly.

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