Decorating DIY Decor On Trend: Bold Dyed, Dried, and Painted Flower Arrangements

On Trend: Bold Dyed, Dried, and Painted Flower Arrangements
On Trend: Bold Dyed, Dried, and Painted Flower Arrangements

Floral design has taken a bold turn, with dyed, dried, and painted flower arrangements making a statement in the world of home decor. Kelsea Olivia, a renowned floral designer and the founder of East Olivia, a New York-based boutique floral design company, has been at the forefront of this trend. Known for her over-the-top installations for events, Kelsea has recently pivoted her business and launched The Forever Floral Shop, offering dried and preserved bouquets to cater to changing times.

The Forever Floral Shop’s online storefront showcases stunning handcrafted collections that reflect the latest floral design trends. Kelsea explains that their fashion-forward lines align with the season, drawing inspiration from nature’s seasonal ingredients. This new aesthetic direction has even made its way into their event installations, where artistic, hand-painted materials have become a prominent feature.

Trend Alert: Painted and Dyed Flowers

One of the key trends in floral design is the use of metallic or super-saturated colors to create modern arrangements. East Olivia has collaborated with fine artists to develop this unique touch of hand in their installations and arrangements. By incorporating opulent, hand-painted Irithiums, available at, you can add a touch of visual excitement to your own arrangements. These fresh blooms can last for weeks when the water is changed regularly, ensuring they remain vibrant throughout multiple festivities.

Kelsea’s approach involves combining special flowers with more readily available blooms, such as those found in grocery stores. This mix creates a dynamic arrangement that showcases the beauty of both unique and common flowers. For larger arrangements, Kelsea suggests clustering flowers tightly at the center and gradually building outwards, allowing taller stems to create movement and dimension.

The Art of Simplicity

If arranging flowers seems overwhelming, Kelsea recommends opting for bud vases. Even a small cluster of three vessels can have a significant impact on an entryway table. Fuller flowers like carnations, roses, or peonies work well in bud vases, as do flowers with graceful shapes like ranunculus or poppies. Kelsea adds a special touch to tulips by carefully inverting each petal, a technique known as reflexing, which reveals the tulip’s striking center. However, she advises ensuring the flower is well-hydrated before attempting this technique and not forcing it if the petals resist.

A Little Wild

When Kelsea wanted to create an installation that resembled wildflowers growing down the middle of a table, she started by filling a long, low trough with small metal flower frogs and clusters of chicken wire. She then built the arrangement using a base of baby’s breath and pink-dyed grasses, accentuating it with ranunculus and lisianthus. Trimming down the stems added delicacy to the arrangement while facilitating conversation among dinner guests.

Mixed Media: Fresh and Dried Florals

To achieve a modern look, Kelsea combines a variety of richly textured dried flowers, including skeletal alliums, feathery miscanthus plumes, and pink protea, with fresh, painted Irithiums for contrast. When mixing dried elements with fresh flowers, it is important to keep the dried stems out of water as much as possible. Storing them completely dry in an airtight container between uses ensures their longevity. Kelsea suggests as a favored source for purchasing dried flowers.

Meet Kelsea Olivia

Kelsea Olivia is a floral designer and self-described visual storyteller with a passion for genuine connection. She believes that creating beauty in the world is a lifelong dream and views access to ephemeral beauty as a human right. Kelsea isn’t afraid to take risks and experiment, reimagining traditional floral design into contemporary expressions.

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Kelsea cites fashion as her number one muse. She looks to NY street style, fine art, interior design, street art, and any form of visual expression for unexpected color stories, unique textures, and innovative use of materials.



As for her favorite flowers to work with, Kelsea finds roses, baby’s breath, and carnations to be her go-to stems. Despite their traditional nature, these flowers offer a wide range of colors, sizes, and scents, and their resilience during arranging makes them ideal for installations.

For those looking to elevate a simple grocery store bouquet, Kelsea recommends playing with shape or color to make an impact. For instance, combining half carnations with half roses and reflexing some of the rose petals can reimagine their shape and highlight their beauty.

In conclusion, the world of floral design has embraced boldness through dyed, dried, and painted flower arrangements. Kelsea Olivia’s innovative approach and her company, East Olivia, have been instrumental in popularizing this trend. Whether you opt for metallic colors, simplicity in bud vases, wild arrangements, or a mix of fresh and dried florals,Kelsea’s expertise and guidance can help you create stunning, on-trend floral arrangements that will add a touch of artistic flair to your home decor. So, embrace the beauty of dyed, dried, and painted flowers, and let your creativity bloom!

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