Ovation Credit Repair Review

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Ovation Credit Repair Review

Ovation Credit Repair may be able to assist you if your credit has seen better days and you want to restore it to its former glory. The organization takes a comprehensive approach to credit restoration, beginning with a free consultation service so you may sample it before you purchase. From there, it provides financial management tools to assist you in developing better money habits that will support your credit rebuilding journey, as well as conventional services such as settling credit disputes and monitoring your credit for continuing changes.

Ovation Credit Repair gives you some choice over how much you spend by providing two tiers of service and a plethora of discounts. The disadvantage is that there is no way to seek a refund if you are dissatisfied. If that’s the case, they’ll just waive their monthly price rather than refunding you for previous services. That means you’ll need to know exactly what’s included and what isn’t, which is something this review will assist you with.

Professional credit repair services are not inexpensive, and you should thoroughly investigate all of your credit repair firm alternatives. You’ll be happy with the outcomes and the price if you do this first.

Pros Explained

  • There are several discount options: Ovation Credit Repair Services, by our count, provides six distinct sorts of discounts—more than most other credit repair organizations.
  • A free consultation is available: A real credit analyst walking you through your report might give you an indication of whether you’ll be pleased dealing with the organization. You might also take the feedback to start your own DIY credit repair.
  • Customizable service levels: Ovation Credit Repair provides two service packages, as well as an extra add-on to expedite your service if you need to get started quickly.
  • Available intuitive displays and money management tools: In one simple web gateway, you can see where you are in the process, what Ovation is doing to assist you, and any actions you need to do.

Cons Explained

  • There is no money-back guarantee; however, if you are dissatisfied with the service, Ovation will waive their cost for that month. But it presupposes you want to keep using the service, and you can’t seek a refund for money already paid.
  • Credit monitoring is only offered for TransUnion reports: Although there are three main credit bureaus where your information is stored (TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax), Ovation only monitors one of them—and only if you pay for the premium-level service.
  • Service choices change between Mississippi and Oregon residents: The precise services provided by Ovation Credit Repair and the fees charged may differ between Mississippi and Oregon.

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Types of Services

Repairing your credit may be a difficult task, and there are several approaches that credit repair firms can use. Ovation Credit Repair provides two distinct packages, depending on how much assistance you want and how fast you need it.

  • Essentials Plan: $79 per month
  • The Essentials Plus Plan is $109 per month.

Here’s exactly what you can expect to get with each one.

Professional Credit Analysis

Everyone begins with a free credit analysis conducted by a live credit analyst. They will go through your credit reports with you and identify areas for improvement as well as how Ovation Credit Repair may be able to assist you if you decide to engage them.

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Credit Disputes

After you employ Ovation, one of the first things you’ll do is walk through the Dispute Tracker in your online account. This will allow you to keep track of what has to be done for each incorrect item on your credit reports. Correcting errors on your credit reports is one of the quickest and simplest methods to enhance your credit score, and Ovation will provide as many as you need every month.

Credit Letter Templates

If you pay an additional $30 per month for the premium Essentials Plus Plan, you’ll have access to sample letters you may send to creditors to help rehabilitate your credit. You may use these letters to urge creditors to erase any bad records from your credit reports as a gesture of goodwill if you’ve otherwise paid on time, or to provide legal confirmation that any debts they’re attempting to collect are legitimate.

If you’re looking for a loan in the near future, Ovation may be able to write a letter of credit reference for you, but bear in mind that they aren’t legally binding.

Identity Theft Insurance

If you buy the premium plan, Ovation Credit Repair provides a limited level of identity theft protection. Before you join up, make sure you know how much you qualify for and how long your coverage will last.

TransUnion Credit Monitoring

Only available with the premium Essentials Plus Plan, Ovation will monitor your TransUnion credit report and notify you if anything requires your attention or may have an effect on your credit. This might be useful if your identity has been stolen in the past and you want to keep an eye out for any future suspicious activity, but we believe this service is a little limiting.

TransUnion is simply one of the three main credit bureaus that are widely utilized (the other two are Equifax and Experian).If you’re interested in credit monitoring, look for a firm that monitors all three credit agencies since information will sometimes appear on certain reports but not others.

Financial Management Tools

Many credit repair firms overlook your entire financial condition. It’s simple to file credit disputes in the hopes of improving your credit score quickly, but understanding debt-reduction tactics is a lot more difficult and long-term commitment. Ovation Credit Repair provides financial tools to assist you in learning how to budget so you can restrict how much debt you need to take out, all of which contributes to the development of a healthy credit score.

Optional Add-Ons

Even if your credit requires severe improvement, Ovation Credit Repair’s two service levels are likely to be suitable for most people’s requirements. If that isn’t enough, the firm also offers the Fast Track program as an optional add-on.

Consider paying a one-time charge for the Fast Track Program if you need to get started right immediately and the work you need to accomplish consists mostly of credit disputes. It’s only accessible if you already have the premium-tier plan, but it effectively allows you to skip the queue and obtain same-day credit dispute resolution.

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Remember that this does not necessarily indicate that the conflicts will be resolved in one day; it just means that they will begin working on them. It may take many weeks to resolve the conflicts.

If your credit is largely in need of longer-term effort to improve it, such as paying off debt or waiting for bad (but correct) information to go off your credit report, ignore this add-on since it won’t help you get there any quicker.

Company Features

Even if Ovation is complete, there are several aspects that it lacks. It does not provide commercial credit repair services. It also does not provide mobile applications, despite having a very well-designed and extensive internet platform. Finally, although it does provide financial management tools to help you establish credit over time, it does not provide particular debt management programs.

Customer Service

It’s not difficult to contact someone at Ovation Credit Repair. Because the organization has multiple separate phone lines and email addresses for various purposes, your requests will reach the appropriate person quicker than a generic catchall phone number or email address, for example.

Its phone lines are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on weekends, making it relatively simple for busy working professionals to contact them outside of usual working hours. The only thing we would add is a live chat option.

Ovation’s mailing address is:

Ovation Credit Services, Inc.Jacksonville, FL 32241-6137P.O. Box 56137

Company Reputation

When it comes to credit repair, it’s important to go with a firm that has a proven track record of success. While Ovation Credit Repair has not been in business as long as some other credit repair organizations, there is a wealth of information accessible from current and prior clients that you may find valuable.

Ovation, in example, has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot based on over 180 reviews. Customers on the Better Business Bureau website paint a significantly different image of the organization, with an average rating of roughly 3.5 based on over 80 reviews.

Contract Duration

Ovation Credit Repair does not demand long-term commitments, which is a plus. You’ll pay on a monthly basis, and you may cancel when you’re either content with the outcomes or unhappy with how things are progressing.

Unfortunately, Ovation Credit Repair does not provide money-back guarantees or refunds for already paid fees. Instead, the corporation states that if you aren’t satisfied, they would forgo their charge for that month—but this does nothing to put money back in your pocket from previous months.


The prices charged by Ovation Credit Repair are comparable to industry norms. If you decide to continue working with the firm following your free consultation, you’ll pay a one-time $89 first-work cost, as well as a monthly price based on the package level you choose. The Essentials Plan is $79 per month, while the Essentials Plus Plan is $109 per month. If you want same-day service, you’ll have to pay an extra one-time cost.

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Ovation Credit Repair provides several discounts, including those for seniors, active or former military, new customer referrals, new customers transferring from another credit repair firm, and couples (not just romantic partners; this may also be parent/child, roommates, etc.).

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company

Most individuals don’t shop for credit repair services every day, so it might be difficult to determine which one is best for you. Here are some pointers to consider while you browse around:

  • Be specific about what you want: Why do you want assistance with your credit? Do you want to purchase a home? Stop receiving debt collection calls? Interested in renting an apartment? Even better, if you know exactly what you need to do to enhance your credit, you may seek for a firm that provides specialized assistance for these possibilities.
  • Avoid long-term service plans and contracts: Some credit repair organizations may attempt to push you to sign long-term contracts that may or may not be beneficial to you. Instead, seek for businesses that allow you to cancel at any moment.
  • Know how to avoid dodgy businesses: Ethical credit repair agencies will not claim to erase correct information, boost your score, or urge you to lie or establish new identities.
  • Make a list of the following: Determine the top three firms that catch your interest and contact them. You may get more information into which firm is the overall best pick for you based on how they connect with you as a possible client by giving things like useful free consultations or pleasant analysts.

Alternative Choices

Ovation Credit RepairSky Blue Credit RepairThe Credit People Credit Repair
Services OfferedFree credit repair consult
Credit disputes Credit monitoring
Identity theft insurance
Financial management tools
Optional: same-day service
Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes
Credit monitoring
Debt management program
90-day money-back guarantee
Free credit repair consult
Credit disputes
Credit monitoring
90-day money-back guarantee
Max. Number of Monthly DisputesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Letters to CreditorsGoodwill, debt validationGoodwill, cease & desist, debt validationCustomized to your needs
First Work Fee$89$79$19
Minimum Monthly Fee$79$79$79
Customer Service PlatformsEmail, phoneEmail, phoneEmail, phone, live chat

Final Verdict

Ovation Credit Repair’s rates are in line with industry standards, and it provides several alternatives to reduce your costs, including monthly charge savings. It’s a fair price in terms of what you receive, particularly if you prefer a more comprehensive approach to rapid but restricted repairs.

One word of caution: unlike many other credit repair organizations, Ovation does not provide a money-back guarantee. However, canceling service is simple, and your monthly charge may be waived if you are dissatisfied. You also receive a free introductory consultation, like with other credit repair agencies, to assist you decide if you’ll prefer working with the organization.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

Before deciding on our top picks, our staff assessed 17 credit repair organizations and gathered over 600 data points. We evaluated 39 factors, giving the greatest weight to the ones that are most important to consumers.

The top picks were selected based on:

  • Costs and fees (total weighted at 40.5%)
  • Services offered (34%)
  • Customer experience (22.5%)
  • Stability (3%)

We considered criteria such as how many disputes would be issued each month, the kind of dispute letters that will be sent, cancellation and refund policies, and the length of time firms have been in operation. This data was utilized to generate our company’s star ratings and top selections.

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