Reddit’s Top Investing Communities

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Reddit’s Top Investing Communities

In early 2021, the social network and news aggregator Reddit garnered global headlines for its influence in the wild movement of “meme stocks” popular among its “subreddit” user groups such as WallStreetBets. While part of the movement’s impetus waned in February, Reddit is back in the spotlight only months later as meme trading returns, and WallStreetBets isn’t the only one changing markets. Here are some of Reddit’s most popular investment communities, including others you may not have heard of.

WallStreetBets (WSB), the biggest of Reddit’s investment groups, has 10.5 million members, with hundreds of thousands of “degenerates” (the community’s own term for its members) active at any one moment. This forum gave birth to the meme stock community, which dominated press attention in January 2021.

The culture of WSB is defined by its vulgarities and memes. Over time, the subculture has developed its own vocabulary, introducing terminology like “stonks” and “tendies” into the general lexicon. Its cheerful environment is complemented with a free-spirited attitude to investing, living up to the “bets” in its name. “The name of the subreddit is WallStreetBets,” one highly rated post said. Not WallStreet Long-Term Holdings.”

r/stocks, the second-largest investment subreddit, with 2.8 million subscribers and a more somber attitude on markets than WSB. There are no memes to be found. There are no postings announcing wins or defeats. Rather, users prefer to give company analysis, inquire about dividends, or analyze the implications of larger economic situations. The r/stocks community provides a totally different atmosphere than the significantly more popular WSB, catering to a particular sort of Reddit investor.

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r/investment, like r/stocks, draws a more serious readership than other Reddit investing topics. Instead of memes, r/investing is a forum for its 1.9 million users to debate investor-related news and events.

Although r/investing heavily resembles r/stocks, the former is broader in scope, with users discussing topics important to the economy as a whole. Analysis of a specific company’s financials is rare, with a broader focus and more emphasis on economic fundamentals.

On r/pennystocks, “astronauts” (members) search for gains by investing in lesser-known companies in the hopes that they’ll make it “to the moon.” Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL) are largely absent on r/pennystocks, but American Battery Metals Corp (ABML) was tipped for greatness. The stocks may be small, but the community isn’t, at 1.6 million members and counting. Like other investing communities, discussion threads center around stock analysis and company news, but r/pennystocks offers a more extensive focus on over-the-counter securities, such as ABML.

A haven for users of the popular online brokerage firm, r/robinhood claims 820,000 investors to its name. The most common topics on the forum are troubleshooting problems, and the community stands out for its utility in helping members navigate the platform. Memes and jokes about Robinhood and investing in general also characterize the site, but the forum’s attention to helping others make r/robinhood an essential tool for anyone with the app.

The foremost internet community for those invested in video game retailer and meme stock posterchild GameStop (GME) (GME).Despite having fewer members than other popular forums—at 310,000, it’s less than half the size of r/robinhood—r/GME is highly active, with upwards of 20,000 users “holding the line” at any given time. Unsurprisingly, the community embraces the slang of WSB, but concentrates on one company. Its atmosphere is one of unbridled positivity. Members believe that a massive short squeeze lies on the horizon, and when the stock dips, announce GME is trading at a discount.

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Like r/GME, r/amcstock is a subreddit wholly devoted to a single stock. In this case, it’s fellow internet favorite AMC, the embattled theater chain. The two communities have a lot in common, with all the memes and the slang the internet can muster, and share the same target audience. After all, AMC was one of the companies championed in the retail trading frenzy earlier in 2021. With 324,000 members, and an astounding 60,000 surfing its page at times, r/amcstock is the place to be for internet investors with their eye on AMC.

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