Rice that is explosive

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Rice that is explosive

It’s always exciting getting a food wish for something I’ve not heard of, and when I type the recipe name into the search box, I feel a little surge of what I’ll call culinary adrenaline as I wait for the results to fill the screen. It usually only takes a few seconds of glancing to know whether the request will turn into a video, but sometimes I don’t even have to wait that long. As I typed in the words “dynamite rice,” I knew this was something I was going to love, and almost certainly film. I was correct.

I assumed it was going to be some type of spicy rice, but I hadn’t made the obvious connection to the very popular dynamite sushi roll, which the recipe is inspired by. I’m not sure who invented the name, but since Roy Choi is the chef who popularized it, we’ll give him credit until I’m otherwise informed. He actually uses uni and caviar on his, which the last time I checked wasn’t in a dynamite roll, but as amazing as that sounds, I think this works incredibly well with shrimp and scallops.

The technique could not be any easier, since we’re simply topping cooked rice, sushi-style or otherwise, with small pieces of seafood tossed in a spicy mayo. This will work with any type of rice, and any kind of seafood, so as much as I love this dish exactly as shown, I do encourage experimentation. Regardless of what you end up using, I really do hope you give this a try soon. It really is “dynamite!”

Dynamite Rice.Chef John
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