Roti Canai (Malaysian flatbread) with Curried Lentil Dip

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Roti Canai (Malaysian flatbread) with Curried Lentil Dip

Sometimes the “food wishes” I get take years, or even a decade, before they make an appearance on the channel. Other times, as was the case with this amazing Malaysian Flatbread (Roti Canai), they are granted almost instantaneously. I saw the request in the morning, and by that afternoon, after several minutes of exhaustive research, I’d already started experimenting.

I’m a huge fan of flatbreads, no matter where they’re from, or how they’re shaped. I probably shouldn’t call this beginner’s luck, since I do have a lot of experience working with these types of things, but still, I was happily surprised with just how well they came out. As I demonstrated in the video, I still need to work on the old drop-the-folded-dough-on-the-table trick, but all in all, I was pretty pleased with myself.

While this fantastic flatbread would be incredible dipped into anything, the simple and relatively fast red lentil curry was a perfect pairing. You could also make this more substantial by adding extra vegetables, some chicken, or lamb into the mix. No matter how you enjoy yours, I really do hope you give this roti canai a try soon. Enjoy!

Chef John

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