Russian Entrepreneur Names Vodka After Cryptocurrencies

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Russian Entrepreneur Names Vodka After Cryptocurrencies

Do you want a bitcoin and tonic? What about a beachside ethereum classic?

Cryptocurrency fans will soon be able to pronounce such beverages as Boodeem Zda-ro-vyeto. A Russian entrepreneur, according to reports, has filed a trademark application for a vodka brand named after three cryptocurrencies. The Russian government may have mixed feelings about cryptocurrencies, but Dmitry Troitsky, the entrepreneur behind the move, believes bitcoin names are “top-notch” for vodka.

“Imagine the scene at the table, and you’ll see that the Bitcoin vodka is more of a comical prank,” Troitsky added. But he hasn’t said anything else. “I can’t predict how it will appear or when it will be available, but I’m confident vodka will be beneficial,” he added.

Troitsky is clearly cashing in on the global Bitcoin boom. But South Florida Distillery beat him to the punch, physically and metaphorically. The rum distillery utilised heat from its bitcoin mining activities in its distillation process, and EthereRum was launched earlier this year. (Also see: Russia Could Ban Bitcoin Exchanges.)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has directed government authorities to develop cryptocurrency rules by the middle of 2018. According to finance ministry officials, the nation is likely to restrict bitcoin mining and supply. According to sources, Putin is also preparing to launch a national cryptocurrency called as Cryptoruble in the near future. According to reports, the currency would be subject to a 13% state tax on activities such as buying and selling and conversions to Russian rubles.

Meanwhile, jokes about the new cryptocurrency-inspired vodka product have already started to circulate online. Siliconangle, for example, referred to the recent Bitcoin split and inquired: If Troitsky splits his vodka in the future, will we get a free bottle of new “Cryptovodka Gold” for every current bottle of crypto-vodka we own? (See also: Bitcoin Gold Will Fork The Cryptocurrency Once More.)

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