Salad with Potato Chips Inspired by Indian Chaat

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Salad with Potato Chips Inspired by Indian Chaat

As a tragically jaded food professional, who’s seen, and eaten it all, it’s not often I’m shocked by a new type of food, but that’s the perfect word to describe my experience the first time having chaat. We were trying a new Indian restaurant in San Francisco, and as I looked over the menu trying to find familiar favorites, the server mentioned that they had a special “Chaat” menu that evening. Oh, great. What’s that again?

He explained it was a type of Indian street food, and described a few offerings, but finished by admitting that to understand it, we really needed to try it. Unsure if this was just a clever sales pitch, or sincere advice, we took a shot and ordered a few of his recommendations. They arrived at our table a few minutes later, and a few minutes after that our minds were blown. Completely and utterly blown.

One dish was “Pani Puri,” featuring small, round, crispy puffs that we filled with diced potatoes and pourable, herbaceous green chutney. It was beyond amazing, and I wanted 50 more. The other was “Muri Makha;” a salad of crispy, puffed rice, fruit, and vegetables, dressed with various chutneys. It was a masterpiece of tastes and textures, and one of more thrilling things I’d ever eaten. That experience inspired this “potato chip salad.” I’m very proud of this, and hope you try it, but as I said in the video, I really hope it inspires you to go out and find the real stuff soon.

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