Salesforce Is Trading Above the Cloud Before Earnings

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Salesforce Is Trading Above the Cloud Before Earnings, Inc. (CRM) is a cloud computing company that is trading above my monthly pivot for May, which is $124.68. With a P/E ratio of 753.71, the stock is significantly expensive for value investors and is getting overbought for momentum traders as well. After the closing bell on May 29, the firm is scheduled to disclose quarterly financial results.

Salesforce stock finished Thursday at $126.05, up 23.3% year to date and up 23.3% from its 2018 low of $102.27 on Jan. 2. The stock hit an all-time intraday high of $131.00 on May 14 and has since fallen 3.8%. Analysts estimate Salesforce will announce earnings per share of 45 cents to 46 cents on May 29. In its cloud computing services, the corporation provides on-demand business software. This quarter’s competition is fierce, which may have contributed to the warning indicated in the stock’s price movement this week. (For further information, see How Salesforce CRM Works.)

The daily chart for Salesforce

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Since March 3, 2017, when the stock closed at $82.22, Salesforce has been trading above a “golden cross.” When the 50-day simple moving average climbs above the 200-day simple moving average, it implies that greater prices are on the way. This bullish pattern has given me incentive to keep my long position in this stock. The horizontal lines indicate that Salesforce shares are now trading considerably above my quarterly, yearly, and semiannual value thresholds of $107.63, $107.38, and $101.13, with this month’s pivot at $124.68.

[For more information on utilizing moving averages to construct your trading strategy, see Chapter 2 of the Technical Analysis course on theInvestopedia Academy.]

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The weekly chart for Salesforce

Courtesy of MetaStock Xenith

Salesforce’s weekly chart is bullish, with the stock trading above its five-week modified moving average of $122.90. The stock is trading significantly above its 200-week simple moving average of $80.13, commonly known as the “reversion to the mean,” which was last tested on Feb. 12, 2016, when the average was $52.49. Purchasing the stock at a discount to the “reversion to the mean” was therefore a sound long-term investing plan. The weekly slow stochastic reading of 12 x 3 x 3 is expected to grow to 77.79 this week, up from 73.91 on May 11.

Based on these charts and research, my trading approach is to purchase Salesforce shares when they fall below my quarterly and yearly value thresholds of $107.63 and $107.38, respectively. I don’t have a dangerous level, but my monthly pivot of $124.68 is important for the shares to hang on to decline. (For more, see: 8 Stocks to Thrive as Cloud Spending Soars in 2018.)

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