Sanah Faroke: A Passionate Amazon Ecommerce Writer at Dotdash Meredith

Sanah Faroke
Sanah Faroke

Sanah Faroke is an accomplished Amazon ecommerce writer at Dotdash Meredith, specializing in the lifestyle space. With a keen interest in home essentials, kitchen must-haves, and all things related to the home and kitchen, Sanah delivers informative and engaging content for popular publications such as Food & Wine, Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, and Southern Living.

With three years of experience in product journalism and a total of eight years in the media industry, Sanah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her writing. She thrives on finding great deals and secretly indulges in shopping for herself, all in the name of providing valuable insights for her articles. Her dedication to her craft is evident through her extensive research, product testing, and the genuine desire to share her experiences with curious readers.

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As an Amazon ecommerce writer on the News and Deals team, Sanah is committed to discovering the best and newest products available on the market at wow-worthy prices. She achieves this by conducting thorough research, conducting expert interviews, and personally testing the products. Sanah’s passion for her work shines through, as she continuously strives to deliver the most up-to-date and reliable information to her audience.

Outside of her writing endeavors, Sanah enjoys exploring cooking recipes, scouting for stylish home must-haves, indulging in her favorite shows, and nurturing her collection of plants. Her diverse interests and hobbies contribute to her well-rounded perspective when it comes to recommending products and addressing the needs of her readers.

Prior to joining the Dotdash Meredith team, Sanah’s work was published in reputable publications including Prevention, BestProducts, Delish, PopSugar, NYLON, and Elite Daily. Her dedication and talent were recognized when she won the Best Face Mask Article category at the Skimlinks’ 2020 Commerce Awards for Publishers during her time at Prevention.

Sanah’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and a minor in English Literature from Boston University. Her academic foundation, combined with her hands-on experience in the industry, allows her to craft articles that are not only informative but also engaging and well-researched.

Better Homes & Gardens, a Dotdash Meredith Brand, is proud to have Sanah Faroke as part of their team. With a history spanning over 100 years, Better Homes & Gardens is a trusted and iconic home brand that provides trustworthy and achievable ideas for all doers and home enthusiasts. Through their content, they inspire individuals to bring their dreams to life at home, both on special occasions and in their everyday lives.

With a monthly readership of 45 million, Better Homes & Gardens continues to be the go-to resource for fresh perspectives on home, food, and gardening. Their commitment to delivering quality content aligns perfectly with Sanah’s passion for providing valuable insights and recommendations to her audience.

To learn more about Better Homes & Gardens and their editorial process, visit their website and explore the wealth of knowledge they have to offer.

In conclusion, Sanah Faroke is an accomplished Amazon ecommerce writer who brings passion, expertise, and dedication to her work. With an impressive track record, she has established herself as a reputable source in the lifestyle space, delivering valuable content to readers across various publications. Sanah’s commitment to research, testing, and providing the best product recommendations shines through in her work, making her an invaluable asset to the Dotdash Meredith team and a trusted resource for her audience.

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