Sandwich with Spicy Chopped Cheese

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Sandwich with Spicy Chopped Cheese

Have you ever had a New York-style chopped cheese sandwich? If not, it’s time to remedy that ASAP! This chopped cheese recipe, which is spiced up with Sriracha, comes together quickly and makes for a fun weeknight meal.

What Is Chopped Cheese?

A chopped cheese (or chop cheese) is a type of sandwich that originated in New York City and is sold in bodegas throughout Manhattan, Queens, and the Bronx. It’s similar to a Philly cheesesteak, but it features ground beef and the cheese is mixed into the meat during the cooking process.

Chopped Cheese Ingredients

These are the ingredients you’ll need to make this spicy chopped cheese recipe at home:

· Onions and butter: To start this chopped cheese recipe, chopped onions are sautéed in butter until they’re tender.
· Beef: You’ll need a 12-ounce package of lean ground beef.
· Sriracha: A tablespoon of Sriracha heats things up a bit. You can always add more if you’d like it a bit spicier.
· Seasonings: After the meat is formed into patties, it’s simply seasoned with salt and pepper.
· Cheese: Three slices of plain American cheese is enough to make two chopped cheese sandwiches.
· Buns: Opt for hoagie buns for traditional, New York-style chopped cheese sandwiches.
· Toppings: Top each sandwich with tomato slices and shredded lettuce. Add ketchup and mustard, if you like.

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How to Make Chopped Cheese

You’ll find the full, step-by-step recipe below — but here’s a brief overview of what you can expect when you make chopped cheese sandwiches:
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1. Sauté the onions in butter.
2. Mix the beef and Sriracha, form into patties, and season.
3. Cook the patties in a skillet until a crust forms on the bottom. Flip.
4. Chop the patties into large pieces. Sprinkle with onions and layer with cheese.
5. Continue cooking until the cheese is melted.
6. Divide the mixture between the hoagie rolls. Add toppings and serve.

Nicole’s Best Chopped Cheese Tips and Tricks

“Something magical happens when that meat has been chopped up and combined with that melty cheese,” says culinary producer Nicole McLaughlin (a.k.a. NicoleMcMom). We can’t disagree! Here are a few of Nicole’s best tips and trees for making the perfect chopped cheese sandwich:

· Toast your buns in the skillet alongside the sautéing onions. It’ll enhance the flavor and make the bread sturdy enough to hold the hearty filling.
· Cover the cheese-topped meat pile with a lid to help the cheese melt into the beef faster.
· Add chopped peppers to the onion mixture for a little extra color and flavor.

How to Store Chopped Cheese

If you have leftovers (which is unlikely), store the filling separately from the hoagie rolls. Place it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge for up to five days. Reheat in the microwave or on the stove, then assemble the sandwich.

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