Sandwiches with chocolate “I Scream” cookies

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Sandwiches with chocolate “I Scream” cookies

While I was working on the classic ice-cream sandwich I posted this summer, I remember thinking how much easier it would’ve been to simply use a cookie from the bakery. And I just might have, if I’d found cookies with that same soft, sticky texture old-school ice cream sandwiches are famous for, but I don’t think those exist.

Here, no one cares about the cookie. They’re simply an ice cream delivery system and a canvas for our chocolate artwork. Of course, if you want to make these 100% homemade, feel free, but I think we should spend that extra free time perfecting our screaming ghost faces, which as you can see from the video, I still need to do. And, if a Halloween motif isn’t something you want or need, you can use this technique to make personalized birthday ice cream sandwiches or to celebrate any other occasion.

The secret here is to work while the chocolates are still nice and wet, and to get the design right the first time, and not try to do any touch ups. I think mine would have been much better if I’d just piped the faces and left well enough alone. Anyway, no matter the design, or the occasion, I hope you give these a try soon. Enjoy!

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