Sorbet Margarita

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Sorbet Margarita

As I may have mentioned before, I worked at a Mexican restaurant while attending culinary school. In addition to learning a lot about the realities of life in the kitchen, I was also able to gain some valuable experience as a bartender. I use the term loosely, since I was only allowed behind the bar when someone called in sick — and I only knew how to make like three drinks.

That was fine, since 95% of the orders were either beer or our famous Margarita. The owner was quite proud of it: He used to make a big show of going across the street to his house to mix up a batch of his top-secret sour mix. Anyway, people loved it, and most ordered it over ice, as he highly recommended (almost demanded). But occasionally someone would insist on having it blended into what’s commonly referred to as a “frozen Margarita.”

We’d do it, begrudgingly, but we’d also make fun of these poor, unsophisticated souls who apparently didn’t know any better. However, what snobby bartenders consider a terrible cocktail can make for an amazing frozen dessert, with just a little tweaking of the formula. By the way, if you don’t have an ice cream maker, don’t worry! There are so many hacks for how to make this without one. All you need are some ice cube trays and a blender, then you’re all set. But, no matter how you produce this delicious treat, I really do hope you give it a try soon. Enjoy!

Chef John

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