Sticky Ribs on the Grill

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Sticky Ribs on the Grill

I’ve always been fine with the old saying, “rules are meant to be broken,” especially culinary rules, as long as the final results come out just as good, if not better. Unfortunately, not everyone’s as liberal as I am when it comes to such deviations, with “real” barbecue pitmasters being a perfect example. To them, the idea of baking a rack of ribs, cutting it up, and then grilling each rib glazed with a sticky sauce is nothing short of sacrilege.

Well, that’s too bad for them, since these “Easy Grilled Sticky Ribs,” were easy, relatively fast, and incredibly delicious. Or, as I would describe to them in the words of that great American philosopher, Homer Simpson, “sacrilicious.” Don’t get me wrong, as do I love a classically prepared, low-and-slow, smoked rack of ribs, but what I’ve never understood is having to choose between the two. Can’t we have both, depending on our mood, and schedule?

Anyway, to make it up to them a little bit, I respectfully called these, “Grilled Sticky Ribs,” and not, “barbecued ribs,” although I’m pretty sure that’s what most people will refer to them as, which is fine by me. Semantic gymnastics aside, these ribs are a proven crowd-pleaser, and no matter what you call these, I really do hope you give this a try soon.

Chef John

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