StockTwits to launch free trading app in 2019

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StockTwits to launch free trading app in 2019

StockTwits, a social media network for investors and traders with 2 million registered users, intends to launch its own free stock trading app in the summer of 2019, using its active user base. According to CEO Ian Rosen, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) licensed them in late February, and they are presently testing the app with workers, friends, and family.

Rosen claims, “Our client base is active and enjoys having fun. Investing does not have to be difficult or frightening.” Rosen claims that their user base is demographically young, with over 80% of them under the age of 45, and incredibly active, with a big number of them spending 50-60 minutes each day on the site. StockTwits had API links to numerous trading platforms, including Robinhood, TD Ameritrade, and E*TRADE, however those connections have been terminated as the company prepares to launch its own app.

What makes this platform unique is that most new brokerages establish their trading site first and then attempt to build a community around it. StockTwits already has a community, and the app will be available this summer. “You used to build a brokerage on the capacity to buy and sell,” Rosen explains, “but today the true value is in the relationships with clients.”

The Heat Map, one of the site’s features, shows you what users are talking about as well as the price changes of the stocks being discussed. The size of the block symbolizes the number of StockTwitters who are discussing that stock, while the color shows the price change throughout the selected time period. You may join the debate by clicking on a block in the heat map and drilling down to the individual stocks.

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Apex Clearing, one of the major clearing businesses in the United States, clears TradeApp. They are allowing transactions of fractional shares of stock, which is a new feature for Apex and may pave the way for other brokers that clear with them. Apex processes payments for Ally Invest, tastyworks, SogoTrade, and TradingBlock, as well as robo-adviser services including M1 Finance, Betterment, and SoFi Automated Investing.

Rosen intended to include fractional shares in the app so that customers with tiny accounts could participate in some of the most active firms, such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Facebook, which have extremely high share values.

Though transactions are free to execute, there are costs for wire transfers, producing checks, obtaining printed statements, and outward account transfers of $75. Rosen said that TradeApp will eventually provide margin accounts, but for the time being, they will only offer cash accounts.

We will do a hands-on evaluation after the app has completed the beta testing phase.

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