Tesla’s Cloud Was Hacked for Mining Cryptocurrency

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Tesla’s Cloud Was Hacked for Mining Cryptocurrency

Tesla Inc. (TSLA) has become the most recent firm to be hacked by bitcoin miners.

RedLock, a cybersecurity software provider, said in a blog post that Tesla’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account was fraudulently hacked to mine digital currency. According to reports, the hack exposed part of the Palo Alto, California-based company’s private data, including mapping, telemetry, and car maintenance.

According to a Tesla spokeswoman, no customer information was compromised during the incident. “We have a bug bounty program to promote this sort of research, and we fixed this issue within hours of learning about it,” stated a spokeswoman. “The damage seems to be restricted to internally operated engineering test vehicles exclusively, and our first review revealed no evidence that customer privacy, vehicle safety, or security were in any way affected.”

RedLock discovered the attack last month after identifying an IT management dashboard that was not password protected. According to the experts at the cybersecurity company, the hackers gained access to a Kubernetes console, a Google-designed software tool, and then executed scripts from it to mine digital currency at Tesla’s cost.

RedLock claimed that determining who was behind the assault and how much bitcoin was mined was impossible.

RedLock, which specializes in monitoring cloud security and compliance risks for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS, said that it discovered Tesla’s vulnerability by coincidence. According to Fortune, the company received a $3,000 incentive as part of Tesla’s bug bounty program.

Tesla’s cloud isn’t the first to be attacked by bitcoin miners. Several companies and government institutions have been targeted by cryptojacking assaults in the last year as criminals seek to produce virtual currency such as bitcoin. (See also: Sites Mine Crypto Using Your Browser.) It Could Be Beneficial.)

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“Given the infancy of cloud security solutions today, we predict this form of cybercrime to rise in volume and velocity,” RedLock CTO Gaurav Kumar told Business Insider in a statement. (See also: Salon Wants to Mine Cryptocurrency on Your Computer.)

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