Thai “Flavor Bomb” Salad Wraps in One Bite (Miang Kham)

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Thai “Flavor Bomb” Salad Wraps in One Bite (Miang Kham)

People love to use the term “mind-blowing” when describing what they think is an especially outstanding dish. With very rare exception, it’s almost always hyperbole. These one-bite Thai “flavor bomb” salad wraps, even my slightly simplified version, is that very rare exception. If you’ve never had this before, your mind will almost certainly be blown.

The first time I ordered miang kham in a Thai restaurant, I have to admit to being underwhelmed when it came to the table. I’m not sure what I was expecting after reading the fairly vague menu description, but what they set down was a plate with seven or eight green leaves, each featuring a small pile of minced ingredients with a small bowl of brown, thick, sticky sauce in the center. We were told to add a spoon to the top, wrap, and then, most importantly, eat it all in one bite.

We did, and a few seconds later, the mind blowing began. Unless you actually try these yourself, I’m not going to be able to adequately describe the experience. I’ll just say I couldn’t believe what was happening in my mouth. Yes, the flavors were “exploding,” but there was so much more going on than that. I’ll never forget that moment, which is why I really do I hope you to give these a try soon. Enjoy!

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