The 7 Best Tax Relief Companies of 2022

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The 7 Best Tax Relief Companies of 2022

Although CommunityTax does not have the lowest minimum debt requirement in the tax relief sector, we decided it merited the Best for Small Tax Debt label owing to its abundance of information and services geared toward individuals with lesser amounts of debt. Individuals with less than $10,000 in tax arrears may be able to get all of the assistance they want for free thanks to CommunityTax’s large free online resource library and mobile app.

  • Offers a 14-day money-back guarantee

  • IRS-approved continuing education provider

  • Community Tax Assurance Program with mobile app

  • May accept cases under $10,000

Tax bills under $10,000, in general, aren’t worth hiring a tax relief firm to resolve; you can typically settle them yourself with no difficulty. However, if you’re having trouble resolving a little tax obligation, you may want to seek expert help. If CommunityTax determines that they can deliver value to a potential customer, they may take cases with tax debt as little as $7,500, which is among the lowest of all rivals. Furthermore, the organization provides a plethora of tools and services that are very beneficial to people with little tax burden.

The website of CommunityTax is a treasure mine of free materials, including guidelines and connections to important IRS sites. This is a fantastic place to start to discover whether your minor tax burden warrants the assistance of a professional. You may even discover that the free information given on the CommunityTax website is sufficient to walk you through the procedure on your own.

In reality, CommunityTax is an IRS Approved Continuing Education Provider, which means the organization is permitted to supply tax professionals with continuing education seminars. As a result, we have faith not only in the material provided on the company’s website, but also in the competence of CommunityTax case managers.

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In addition to free materials, CommunityTax provides the Community Tax Assurance Program for $39 each month (TAP).The service provides access to a mobile app that monitors your tax accounts, as well as access to your IRS transcripts and yearly 1040 tax returns. TAP is intended to prevent taxpayers from falling behind on payments in the first place via greater education and preparedness. If you have a little amount of tax debt, this program may help you remain out of debt once you’ve settled your present financial issue.

Although CommunityTax’s 14-day customer service guarantee pleased us, we considered the company’s pricing structure to be less straightforward than that of other rivals. We were told that, depending on the situation, some consumers pay a one-time price while others may face continuing fees. We also detected a pattern of complaints about CommunityTax’s handling of state tax arrears in several customer reviews.

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