The Best Tax Apps for 2022

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The Best Tax Apps for 2022

With TurboTax, you may get a refund advance of up to $4,000 within three hours of the IRS accepting your tax return. You can also auto-import and auto-fill data by snapping a photo with your phone, making it ideal for quick filing.

  • Take a picture of your W2, and the app will fill out the necessary fields.

  • Refund Advance allows you to access up to $4,000 of your tax refund within three hours of the IRS accepting your form.

  • The app may be able to auto-import your W2 information if you have an Employer Identification Number.

Intuit, a leader in tax preparation software, owns TurboTax. The TurboTax Tax Return App allows you to file quickly owing to the app’s auto-fill and auto-import capabilities, making it the best for speedy filing.

The app is available on Google Play (4.7 stars) and the App Store (4.8 stars).You may also utilize the online interface, but you’ll need to upload the picture to auto-fill information from your W2. Many reviews complain about upsells and spending significantly more than indicated, so read the price carefully to determine which bundle your tax file will need.

Even if you utilize TurboTax Free Edition, you are entitled to the maximum return guarantee. If you obtain a greater refund or a lower tax burden using another software, you will be reimbursed for your federal and state filing fees. If you utilized the Free Edition, you will get $30 as part of the guarantee.

TurboTax allows you to pay for your taxes with your tax return, so you don’t have to pay anything up front to file your taxes with them. However, there is a $39.99 price for doing so. You may also pay your filing expenses using a credit card or a bank account.

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Filers may receive up to $4,000 of their refund as an advance as soon as three hours after the IRS approves the return using Refund Advance. There are no lending costs, and the interest rate is 0%.

If you handle your taxes yourself, there are four TurboTax packages accessible on both the mobile and online interfaces:

Free Edition $0Deluxe $39 + statePremier $69 + stateSelf-Employed $89 + state
Prep, print, and e-file your taxesEverything in the Free editionEverything in the Deluxe editionEverything in the Premier edition
Take a photo of your W2 for auto-inputSearch over 350 deductions and tax creditsCovers stocks, bonds, and other investmentsTips and guidance for freelancers, small business owners, and contractors
Receive mortgage and property tax deductionsAuto-import investment incomeIndustry-specific deductions
Deduct donationsCovers rental property income and deductionsOne-on-one help from self-employment experts
Accounts gains and losses on cryptocurrency transactionsPersonalized audit assessment
Import 1099-NEC using a photo from your phone

There are four packages for live support:

Live Basic $0 if filed by 3/27/21, state includedLive Deluxe $119 + stateLive Premier $169 + stateLive Self-Employed $199 + state
Unlimited answers from a tax expertEverything in Live BasicEverything in Live DeluxeEverything in Live Premier
Transfer last year’s infoMortgage and property tax deductionsCovers stocks, bonds, and ESPPsGreat for self-employed (1099-NEC) income
Year-round expert tax advice and guidanceCharitable donations over $300Rental property income and refinancing deductionsDeductions specific to your line of work
Covers W-2 and unemployment incomeStudent loan interest and education expensesCalculate gains and losses from cryptocurrency transactionsGuidance for freelancers and small business owners
Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC) and child tax creditsAuto import investment incomeMaximize deductions for work expenses (Schedule C)
Final review from a tax expert before filingImport 1099-NEC using a photo from your phone

There are four tiers of Live Full Service packages if you want your taxes done for you:

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Best for Ongoing Expense Tracking : YNAB

You Need a Budget (YNAB), often thought of as a budgeting program, is an excellent tool for tracking your continuous costs. When tax season arrives, just download a comma-separated values (CSV) file and share your spreadsheet of income and spending with your tax preparer, or handle it yourself.

  • Offers video tutorials, articles, and free online courses

  • Available via an app and through your browser

  • Can sync transactions with your bank and investment accounts

Being organized throughout the year is the greatest approach to prepare to submit taxes. Spend some time getting your YNAB accounts set up, and then keep them up to date every time you are paid. When it’s time to file your taxes, each category of income and cost is categorized, making filing a pleasure and your tax adviser pleased since they won’t have to sift through a shoebox full of receipts, giving us the title of best expense reporting.

YNAB is accessible as an app as well as a web interface. Pay $14.99 per month or $98.99 per year and get 34 days free. It’s free for a year if you’re a college student. YNAB provides a 10% discount on the yearly plan at the conclusion of your free year.

It has 4.8 ratings on the App Store and 3.1 stars on Google Play. The learning curve is mentioned in most evaluations, although it is praised for its capacity to assist budget and manage costs. You may attend a live class or browse any of the app’s courses at any time to learn how to budget using the YNAB app.

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Bottom Line

While most tax applications do not include cost monitoring, they do make it simple to submit your taxes from your phone. If your tax position is complicated, you will need to pay for sophisticated products. If you are a basic filer, practically every tax tool available has a free option that can assist you.

TaxAct Express is the finest tax app because it has affordable filing rates, a full free package, and the opportunity to deduct filing expenses from your tax return. Furthermore, you may import tax data from the previous year, even if you utilized a different source.

Compare Providers

Tax AppWhy We Chose ItKey Benefit
TaxAct ExpressBest OverallReasonable prices and a comprehensive free package
QuickBooks Self-EmployedBest for Business OwnersTrack expenses and send invoices
H&R Block Tax Prep and FileBest for Live SupportAccess tax pros 24/7 during the filing season
TurboTax Tax Return AppBest for Fast FilingAuto-fill and import data using your phone, then receive a refund advance within three hours of IRS acceptance
YNABBest for Ongoing Expense TrackingTrack income and expenses by syncing or uploading transactions

Which Tax Software Gets You The Biggest Refund?

Most tax software has a maximum return guarantee, which means that if your refund is bigger using other software, your file is free. Take use of every available deduction and tax credit allowed by your program, though, to maximize your tax refund. Earned income credit (EIC), child tax credit, and home mortgage interest deduction are a few examples (HMID).

What Happens After You File With a Tax App?

When you use a tax app to file your taxes, the software electronically submits your return to the IRS. It might take anything from a few hours to a few days for the IRS to match your personal information with the return.

The IRS Where’s My Refund? tool may be used to check the status of your refund. If there are no problems or concerns, you should get your refund within 21 days. Set up direct deposit to get your refund faster. Unless you request for an extension, you have until the tax filing deadline to pay if you owe money.

Do You Need a Mobile Tax App?

To file your taxes, you do not require a mobile tax app. Using a mobile app, on the other hand, may make submitting your taxes simpler. Many of these tax applications enable you to input receipts and classify spending year-round, reducing the time it takes to file taxes during tax season.

How Does a Mobile Tax App Work?

Some mobile tax applications let you monitor your costs, receipts, and travel all year, while the majority merely allow you to submit your taxes. On your mobile phone, enter or upload your W2 information, check for credits and deductions, then e-file your taxes.

How We Chose the Best Tax Apps

We looked at 20 of the finest tax apps on the market and reduced it down to the top six alternatives based on a variety of features and factors. We looked into features, prices, reviews, and simplicity of use. It was critical to discover suppliers that provided a free version for basic taxes but could subsequently grow with solutions for individuals with more sophisticated tax demands.

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