The Credit Guru Credit Repair Review

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The Credit Guru Credit Repair Review

When it comes to credit repair, it might seem as if you need the help of a professional at times. That is what The Credit Guru promotes itself as: someone who can interact with credit bureaus and creditors on your behalf. To that end, The Credit Guru can assist you in disputing false information on your credit reports and providing debt settlement programs to help you clean up your credit in preparation for purchasing a house or receiving a new auto loan, among other things.

However, this firm has more potential red flags than most other credit repair companies. That doesn’t mean you should ignore it if it meets your requirements, but you should be aware of the disadvantages so you can make an educated choice and be prepared.

The finest credit repair organizations have numerous characteristics, including an abundance of positive online customer reviews, reasonable price, clear instructions about what’s involved, and a long, hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Pros Explained

  • You don’t have to pay anything to speak with a customer service representative. You may get a sense of their interaction style, inquire about any expenses, and get as much facts as you want before signing on the dotted line.
  • Discounts are available: The Credit Guru provides savings if your real estate broker recommends you to it, as well as discounts for military members and couples.
  • Provides a five-day money-back guarantee: The Credit Guru does not provide a 90-day money-back promise, as do the finest credit repair organizations. Still, it’s better than nothing, which is a regular occurrence with credit repair agencies.
  • The Credit Guru will be celebrating its third decade of operation in 2023, which is a far longer track record than most other credit repair organizations.

Cons Explained

  • Expensive: Unlike most other credit repair agencies, The Credit Guru charges a substantially higher minimum first-work cost ($149) and continuous monthly price ($89).
  • Makes several dubious claims: The firm promises to provide debt settlement services, which numerous government consumer protection organizations advise against. It makes certain erroneous statements about how credit agencies consider complaints from credit repair bureaus to be more genuine than if you did the same thing yourself, and it promises to challenge any bad information on your credit file in the hopes of having it deleted (something it cannot do).
  • Website is outdated and clumsy: The main page, for example, offers a “new credit scoring methodology” that will be available in 2017, and there is no customer portal into which you can log in to pay—you input your credit card information directly into a form on their website. There are also several errors on the webpage.
  • Customer evaluations are unusually scarce: unlike most other credit restoration agencies, The Credit Guru does not have reviews on Trustpilot, Google, or the Better Business Bureau. Instead, there are just a few reviews on Yelp.
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Types of Services

The Credit Guru isn’t particularly forthcoming about the nature of the services it offers, which you’ll have to figure out in the free consultation if you call the organization. But here’s the essence of what it has to offer.

Professional Credit Analysis

After you engage The Credit Guru, a credit analyst will contact you to look through your credit reports. You’ll search for any incorrect information together, and if any is discovered, it will serve as the starting point for the real credit repair procedure.

The Credit Guru promises to challenge “any negative and/or erroneous information,” however if you have bad material on your file that is true, The Credit Guru is not required to do so. You can only erase erroneous bad information, while credit repair businesses may attempt to remove accurate negative information via goodwill requests.

Credit Disputes

Based on the facts discovered by The Credit Guru’s analysts, they will draft and send out dispute letters in order to get the false information deleted from your credit reports. To do this, they will need you to execute a limited power of attorney to act on your behalf.

You must agree to pass any contact you receive from creditors or credit bureaus straight to The Credit Guru. You are not permitted to contact these individuals directly under the terms of the contract. You must also keep note of how much time has passed after the letters were written and notify The Credit Guru if 40 days have passed without receiving a response.

If you are unable to do so, The Credit Guru claims that you are ultimately “responsible for any lack of success in the disputing procedure.”

Company Features

In terms of functionality, The Credit Guru is about as basic as credit repair organizations get. In addition to what we’ve previously said, the organization does not offer an app, a live chat support function, an online client portal, a credit monitoring service, a debt management program, or anything else. The Credit Guru does not even have a current, professional-looking website.

Customer Service

You may contact The Credit Guru customer care by emailing [email protected] or calling (888) 528-6041. Because the company is situated in Edmonds, Washington, it most likely runs on Pacific Time, however it does not identify its business hours.

Company Reputation

The Credit Guru has been operating for a long time, but the reviews don’t reflect that. The only website with genuine customer evaluations we could discover was Yelp, which awarded the firm a five-star rating despite just seven reviews. An additional nine reviews were listed that Yelp did not consider in its rating, one of which appears to be the actual company’s owner writing a review as if they were a satisfied customer (that of Jon R. from Mountlake Terrace, Washington; the owner’s name is Jon Rosenthal, and he lives in that town).

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Contract Duration

To deal with The Credit Guru, you must sign a one-year contract as well as a limited power of attorney so that it may contact official channels on your behalf. If The Credit Guru believes your credit file still needs improvement, this contract will automatically renew for another year.

You may, however, cancel at any moment. If you cancel during the first five days, you will get a full refund. If the firm worked on your file during the later part of the previous month, you’ll still be charged for the current month, according to the contract.

If you terminate the contract on September 1, for example, you would still be charged for the whole month of September if the firm performed any work between August 15 and August 31.

To terminate your contract with The Credit Guru, you must do so in writing.


When compared to rivals, the Credit Guru charges a relatively high fee for its services, even for the most basic plan. It has two packages: Regular Service and Premium Service.

The Regular Service plan costs $149.95 to begin with, followed by a $89 monthly subscription. It includes retrieving your credit reports, sending out disputes once a month if necessary, and a monthly review of your account if you want it.

The Premium Service package costs $199.95 to begin with, followed by a $129 monthly price. You receive everything in the Regular Service package, plus a “tailored credit restoration action plan,” biweekly credit dispute letters, and automated monthly checks of all of your accounts.

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company

Turning your credit score around to achieve your financial objectives is something that most individuals can accomplish for free. However, if you don’t have the time or motivation to do it yourself, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a credit repair firm. Unfortunately, you’ll still need to do some research to discover the finest solution at the greatest price. Here are some pointers to get you started:

  • You don’t have to spend a lot of money: In general, you get what you pay for, and although this is true, you don’t have to spend a lot of money for credit repair either. Inquire about any and all prospective costs up front so you aren’t surprised by large expenses for items you believed were included in the usual recurring fees.
  • Keep an eye out for shady language: Companies who claim to boost your credit score or provide unethical services such as rejecting any bad information (even if it’s correct) are red flags.
  • Examine as many firms as you can: Each credit repair company is unique in how it functions, how much it costs, and how nice and helpful its credit analysts are. Doing your study ahead of time might help you narrow down to the ideal firm for you rather than what shows on the first page of a Google search.
  • Inquire about complimentary consultations, cancellation terms, and money-back guarantees: The top credit repair organizations provide a free consultation to look through your credit report and discuss how they may assist you. Similarly, you should be able to terminate your contract at any time, and better providers have lengthy, no-hassle money-back guarantees.
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Alternative Choices

The Credit GuruSky Blue
Credit Repair
The Credit People
Credit Repair
Services OfferedFree credit repair consult, Credit disputes, 5-day money-back guaranteeFree credit repair consult, Credit disputes, Credit monitoring, Debt management program, 90-day money-back guaranteeFree credit repair consult, Credit disputes, Credit monitoring, 90-day money-back guarantee
Max. Number of Monthly DisputesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Letters to CreditorsVarious (not disclosed)Goodwill, cease & desist, debt validationVarious (not disclosed)
Min. First Work Fee$149.95$79$19
Min. Monthly Fee$89$79$79
Customer Service PlatformsEmail, phoneEmail, phoneEmail, phone, live chat

Final Verdict

When you zoom out to 30,000 feet and compare The Credit Guru to its rivals, it portrays an image of a small, out-of-date, pricey, and maybe dishonest organization. However, it is not wholly a con. If you prefer dealing with a small firm, it might work for you as long as you know what red signs to watch for. Most consumers, however, should avoid this firm in favor of one with more favorable ratings distributed around the web, a lower pricing structure, and a better user experience.

Check out our selections for the finest credit repair agencies in the market today to see how they stack up against the competition.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

Before deciding on our top picks, our staff assessed 17 credit repair organizations and gathered over 600 data points. We evaluated 39 factors, giving the greatest weight to the ones that are most important to consumers.

The top picks were selected based on:

  • Costs and fees (total weighted at 40.5%)
  • Services offered (34%)
  • Customer experience (22.5%)
  • Stability (3%)

We considered criteria such as how many disputes would be issued each month, the kind of dispute letters that will be sent, cancellation and refund policies, and the length of time firms have been in operation. This data was utilized to generate our company’s star ratings and top selections.

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