The Credit People Credit Repair Review

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The Credit People Credit Repair Review

If you have less-than-perfect credit, you understand how difficult it may be to get loans or credit cards. If you plan on purchasing a house or a vehicle in the near future, you may want to consider hiring a credit repair agency like The Credit People to improve your credit score.

The Credit Consumers promises to be able to assist people raise their credit ratings by up to 187 points. And 81% of its consumers get accepted for new credit after utilizing its services. 3 Customers may get free credit reports and credit scores, as well as unlimited credit report disputes, via its programs. Furthermore, The Credit People offers thorough help throughout the journey.

The prices and efficiency of credit repair firms might vary. The top credit repair organizations provide no-risk refunds and free consultations.

Pros Explained

  • Free seven-day trial: You may try The Credit People’s services for seven days for free to discover whether they’re perfect for you. Your free credit counseling and monitoring services are included in your trial.
  • Guarantee of satisfaction: You may terminate your plan at any moment without penalty. Customers on the monthly plan will get a refund for that month’s charge as well as the prior month’s cost.
  • Couples discounts: If you and your spouse join up at the same time—or within three days of your order—you’ll both get $20 off your initial payments. 4

Cons Explained

  • High-cost, flat-rate plan: The Credit People has two plans: monthly and flat-rate. The flat-rate plan has a one-time price of $419 and no further services or perks. The high-cost flat-rate plan is unneeded for the vast majority of clients.
  • Customer service choices are limited: Unlike other firms, The Credit People does not offer 24/7 customer assistance, and customer care is only available via phone or email; there is no online chat or mobile app.
  • There are no alternative add-ons available: While other firms provide extra services like as identity theft insurance, The Credit People exclusively provides one core suite of goods with no optional add-ons.

Types of Services

Credit restoration services from The Credit People might help you enhance your credit score. Customers often raise their scores by 53 to 187 points, according to the firm, although individual results may vary. Customers may usually expect to see results within 60 days. 5

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The Credit People provides the following services.

Ongoing Credit Reports

While you may get your credit reports from on your own, you are usually restricted to one report from each agency each year. You may obtain your credit reports from each of the three main credit agencies on an ongoing basis with The Credit People.

Credit Report Disputes

If there are inaccuracies on your credit reports, such as accounts that do not belong to you or accounts that are in default but have been paid in full, The Credit People will challenge them on your behalf. Those concerns will be deleted from your credit reports if the firm is successful.

Late Payment Removal

The Credit People will work with your creditors to get late payments that have been recorded to credit agencies removed. It is generally effective, according to the firm, even if your payment is 30 to 120 days late.

Debt Validation

By sending debt validation letters, The Credit People will work on your behalf to authenticate that the outstanding debt reported on your credit reports belongs to you.

Optional Add-Ons

While other firms provide extra add-ons such as identity theft insurance or business credit enhancement, The Credit People does not.

Company Features

The Credit People offers the following features:

  • After signing up, you will get a phone consultation with a specialist to review your credit reports and credit score.
  • Credit monitoring: The Credit People offers credit monitoring via your online account.
  • Money-back guarantee: If you are dissatisfied, you may cancel at any time and get a return of the monthly payment as well as the preceding month’s cost.
  • Instructional resources: The Credit People’s website has educational materials such as articles on credit development.

Important: Credit repair agencies cannot legally erase accurate, current, and verifiable information from your credit reports. If you have recent and proven late payments or defaults, they cannot be deleted. 6

Customer Service

The Credit People, unlike several other credit repair organizations, does not provide 24-hour customer service. Live customer assistance is only accessible during business hours, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

You may contact customer service by phone at (866) 382-3410 or by email at [email protected]

Although The Credit People does not provide online chat, clients may log in to manage their accounts.

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Company Reputation

The Credit Ratings People are diverse. The firm has a TrustScore of 2.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot. There are, however, just a few reviews. Recent reviews express disappointment with the outcomes and the inability to get a refund. 7

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau received over 65 complaints about this firm (CFPB).8 Customers complained about The Credit People’s excessive prices and lack of reaction from customer care, as well as the efficacy of its services.

Although the amount of reviews and complaints is modest, you should be cautious and thoroughly read the tiny print before joining up with any credit repair firm.

Contract Duration

A contract with The Credit People is not required. You may choose between a monthly membership and a one-time cost.


The Credit People provides a seven-day free trial. If you decide to join up after the trial period ends, you have two options:

  • Monthly: You’ll pay a one-time $19 first-work cost, followed by a $79.
  • Flat-rate plan: The flat-rate plan costs $419 for six months of service (about $70 per month).

Couples may get a $20 discount. Your spouse must join up within three days of your initial purchase to qualify.

The Credit People offers a money-back guarantee. You may cancel at any moment, and if you’re on a monthly plan, The Credit People will repay you for that month and the preceding month. Those on the flat-fee plan are protected by a six-month guarantee. 4

How to Choose a Credit Repair Company

Consider the following things while shopping for a credit repair company:

  • Fees: Fees vary depending on the business. Some organizations demand one-time startup fees, monthly fees, and cancellation costs. There may also be extra charges for optional services.
  • Customer service availability: While some credit repair organizations provide 24/7 customer assistance, others only do it during regular business hours. Make sure you know when a credit repair firm is accessible, especially if you work nights. Otherwise, scheduling appointments and getting answers to issues may be challenging.
  • Contracts: Some credit repair organizations need you to sign a contract, but others enable you to pay monthly with no obligation.
  • Return policies: Reputable credit repair organizations have clear refund policies and will refund your money if you are unhappy with their work.
  • Extra advantages: Some businesses provide additional perks that might be beneficial, such as debt management programs, identity fraud monitoring, or identity theft insurance.
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No credit repair firm can promise precise outcomes. A red flag is when a corporation promises a certain consequence or claims to enhance your score by a certain amount of points.

Alternative Choices

It’s never a bad idea to weigh your alternatives. The Credit People was compared to The Credit Pros, one of the greatest credit restoration firms available.

The Credit People is less priced than The Credit Pros, but it provides fewer services. The Credit Pros offers a range of services such as identity theft protection and financial planning for a greater charge, making it a more complete solution. If you intend to use those additional services, The Credit Pros may be worth the extra money.

A unique feature of The Credit Pros is their powerful mobile app, which you can use to track your progress and interact with customer service.

The Credit PeopleThe Credit Pros
Services OfferedCredit report disputes
Creditor intervention
Credit report disputes
Creditor intervention
Credit monitoring
Identity theft protection
Financial planning
Max. Number of Monthly DisputesUnlimitedUnlimited
Letters to Creditors/BureausDebt validation, others not disclosedNot disclosed
First Work Fee$19$119 to $149
Monthly Fee$79$69 to $149
Customer Service PlatformsOnline, phoneOnline, phone, mobile app

Final Verdict

The Credit People may be a better deal than rivals for people seeking for a straightforward credit repair solution. Its monthly plan enables you to enhance your credit for $79 each month, with no long-term commitment. However, the flat-fee plan is unlikely to be worth the money for most clients, so before signing up, evaluate how long you’ll really utilize the service.

How We Review Credit Repair Companies

Before deciding on our top picks, our staff assessed 17 credit repair organizations and gathered over 600 data points. We evaluated 39 factors, giving the greatest weight to the ones that are most important to consumers.

The top picks were selected based on:

  • Costs and fees (total weighted at 40.5%)
  • Services offered (34%)
  • Customer experience (22.5%)
  • Stability (3%)

We considered criteria such as how many disputes would be issued each month, the kind of dispute letters that will be sent, cancellation and refund policies, and the length of time firms have been in operation. This data was utilized to generate our company’s star ratings and top selections.

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