The Ideal Baked Potato

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The Ideal Baked Potato

If you’ve been searching for the perfect baked potato that everyone will love, your search ends here! This baked potato recipe yields a baked potato that’s crispy on the outside, but fluffy on the inside — just like the perfect baked potato should be.

Plus, it’s made with just a few simple ingredients that you probably already have on hand. What could be any better than that? Be sure to save this recipe because you’ll want it for every potluck, barbecue, and even weeknight dinner!


How to Make Baked Potatoes

The best part about this recipe is that it’s so incredibly easy! You’ll find the full recipe below, but here’s what you can expect when making the perfect baked potato:

Season the Potatoes

Start off by rinsing and scrubbing the potatoes. Then, pierce each potato with a fork or knife so that steam can escape when baking. Coat the potato with olive oil (you can use your hands to rub it all over the skin or place the potato and oil in a zip-top bag and shake it up) and season with salt.

Bake the Potatoes

Bake in a 300 degree F oven until the potatoes are tender and golden brown, about 90 minutes.

Top Potatoes

Slice the potatoes and fluff the center. Then top with black pepper, butter, Cheddar cheese, chives, sour cream, or anything else you like.

How Long to Bake Potatoes

The baking time for baked potatoes will depend on the size of the potatoes. It can take anywhere between 50 minutes and 1 ½ hours.
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You’ll know the baked potato is done when you can stick a fork in the potato and it easily pierces through the skin. If the potato is still hard in the middle, keep baking it for a little longer.

When in doubt, pull out your digital thermometer — baked potatoes are done when they have an internal temperature of 210 degrees F.

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How to Top Baked Potatoes

The great thing about baked potatoes is that they’re so versatile! This means you can top them with as many toppings as you like — or as few as you like (there’s nothing wrong with a plain spud).

We love to top our baked potatoes with butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, bacon, and even chili. Let your imagination run wild here!

How to Store Baked Potatoes

Store any leftover baked potatoes in a metal or glass pan covered with plastic wrap or foil in the fridge.

When it’s time to reheat the baked potato, bake it in a 350 degree F oven for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also reheat it in the microwave (covered with a damp paper towel) for 2 to 3 minutes.

Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

“Cooked 4 large potatoes. Scrubbed & pierced, coated with the olive oil, rolled them in kosher salt then put in a 375 degree oven for 60 minutes. The potatoes cooked perfectly. We had 2 the first night with leftover pot roast as the topping for our dinner. The next day we had the 2 remaining potatoes with all the traditional fixings to accompany our country style ribs,” raves stachman.
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“I never tried rubbing olive oil on potatoes before baking them before, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I used 2 very large russet potatoes, threw them in a Ziploc bag with olive oil and shook the bag to distribute it all over. Then I sprinkled some salt, pepper and garlic powder on top of the potatoes, pricked them a few times with a fork, wrapped them in foil and cooked them about 2 hours at 325 degrees. They were very yummy,” according to Jennifer Storemski.

“You can’t mess up this potato! After reading reviews I gave the two potatoes I had a 5 minute head start in the microwave because they were huge and I was afraid they would take forever. I upped the temp to 350 and set them directly on the upper oven rack, no foil, and they were absolutely perfect after 45 minutes! Make sure to put a pan or foil on the bottom rack to catch drips,” says madkj84.

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