Top Bloomberg Tools for financial analysis

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Top Bloomberg Tools for financial analysis

Bloomberg is a market data provider that provides market data from across the globe through its own terminal, websites, and applications. To conduct research and assist their trading activity, finance professionals depend on the company’s free and paid services. In this post, we will look at some of the best Bloomberg features and how they may be utilized in financial research.

Bloomberg Website

The Bloomberg website provides a plethora of free and subscription-based tools and utilities, the majority of which provide tailored perspectives for each area or market.

  • Top headlines and market-moving news from across the financial globe.
  • Markets:A must-read section on financial markets and the events that shape them.
  • Wealth: Important aspects of personal finance, retirement planning, taxation, and so forth.
  • A watchlist is a customised portfolio tracker that allows you to keep track of your assets.
  • Radio & Podcasts: Bloomberg information in audio format, ideal for those on the go.
  • Other Resources: In addition to politics, Bloomberg covers current events and hot subjects such as the environment, equality, and urban challenges.

Bloomberg Newsletters

These daily and weekly newsletters cover a wide range of financial subjects, including some that are only available to Bloomberg members. Among the issues covered are:

  • Market opening and closing statistics
  • Regional reports from the Americas, Asia, and Europe are available.
  • Green finance and environmental news
  • Reports and views on technology
  • Hollywood and Silicon Valley

Symbol Lookup Service

The Bloomberg Open Symbology tool enables users to search and map various symbols in use throughout the globe (for example, a SEDOL, CUSIP number, ISIN, stock market ticker, and so on).

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This tool is used by individual traders and investment organizations to integrate data that comes from many sources with distinct symbols. For example, a mutual fund business may have two data feeds: one from Bloomberg with a Bloomberg symbol and one from a stock market with a local ticker. The Symbology service allows for cross-referencing to check data from both sources. Another useful feature is the specific symbol search tool.

Bloomberg Professional Services

The Bloomberg terminal, which has 325,000 terminals placed worldwide, is at the center of Bloomberg’s paid services. The Bloomberg terminal links customers to global markets, tools, and data sources. It is backed up by a news collecting organization that employs over 2,700 journalists across 120 countries. The terminal also enables access to sell-side and independent research from over 1,500 different sources.

Aside from charts, graphs, technical indicators, and market data coverage, one of the Bloomberg terminal’s main selling points is its instant messaging function, which allows for simple contact among individuals, specialized workgroups, and Bloomberg staff.

Other features of Bloomberg Professional Services include execution and order management, content and data feeds, financial data management, data integration and dissemination, and access to 125 markets in 43 countries via the Bloomberg Tradebook.

The Bottom Line

Bloomberg is the world’s leading provider of financial information. While the great bulk of market data is accessible for free online, professional investors have grown to rely on Bloomberg for financial research and trading requirements.

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