Uber Co-Founder Designs New Cryptocurrency

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Uber Co-Founder Designs New Cryptocurrency

Garrett Camp, Uber’s Co-Founder and Chair, has designed his own cryptocurrency. (For further information, check The Uber Story.)

The project, dubbed Eco to allude to the many aspects of a monetary system such as economics, ecosystem, and e-commerce, is presently in the design stage with little programming completed, and Camp is searching for additional area specialists, scientists, and academics to join his venture. He plans to launch the test-net later this year.

The Eco Foundation, a new non-profit company, will design and run the virtual money system. Camp and his partners at their business accelerator Expa want to invest $10 million in the Eco project during its first phase.

How Is EcoDifferent?

Eco intends to address issues that are causing problems for current cryptocurrencies like as Bitcoin and Ethereum. (For further information, see Bitcoin Innovations And Obstacles.)

While present virtual currency public ledgers rely on a network of anonymous miners, Eco’s underlying blockchain ledger will rely on “certified nodes,” giving the monetary ecosystem more stability.

It will provide a bridge between a wholly centralized currency system (such as the current banking network) and a truly decentralized cryptocurrency system (like the bitcoins).

These certified nodes will be operated in collaboration with different universities and research institutions throughout the world. Although anonymity will be lost, the advantages in safety and dependability will more than compensate.

Eco’s mining procedure is also unique, allowing for a considerable decrease in energy use. The current virtual currency mining mechanism assigns labor and incentivizes miners in proportion to their computer capacity, causing miners to strive to outbid each other by using more energy.

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In Eco’s reality, the incentive is distributed evenly across all network users and nodes. As a result, all qualified node runners will be needed to perform minimum effort to discover the next block and will be paid equally, putting a stop to the rat race that consumes more power.

New eligible nodes may be added to the network, and inefficient nodes can be removed by a unanimous decision made by a specified set of peers.

The Eco distribution technique promotes a wide number of consumers to participate. The first 500 billion tokens will be distributed to the first 1 billion users. Over the following several years, a total of one trillion tokens are projected to be mined.

Recent Developments

Camp is one of several businesses that have lately hopped on the bitcoin bandwagon.

Earlier this year, Facebook Inc (FB) CEO Mark Zuckerburg stated his desire to “dig deeper and investigate the good and bad elements of” movements such as encryption and cryptocurrencies. Leaders and creators from companies like as Overstock, Telegram, and Kik are making headlines with their intentions to launch their own ICOs.

If Eco delivers on its promises, it has the potential to transform the world of virtual currencies by serving as a much-needed bridge between completely regulated and wholly uncontrolled monetary systems.

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