What Are the Risks Involved in OTC (Over-the-Counter) Trading?

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What Are the Risks Involved in OTC (Over-the-Counter) Trading?

The principal risks associated with investing OTC stocks are twofold. One, there is often a shortage of trustworthy information regarding the organization. Two, OTC shares are often traded in lightly traded marketplaces.

OTC stocks, sometimes known as penny stocks since they trade for less than $1, might be appealing to investors. OTC stocks enable investors to purchase a big number of shares for a little amount of money, which might grow into significant amounts if the firm becomes very successful. Some OTC firms claim to have the next great invention with limitless upside potential.

However, because to a lack of easily accessible information about the firms, it is difficult for investors to gauge the true potential of OTC stocks. OTC firms are not subject to the same disclosure rules as stocks traded on national exchanges. The completion of a listing form is all that is necessary for a firm to list on an OTC market. Due to a lack of publicly available information, it may be difficult for the typical investor to properly analyze an OTC firm.

Other Major Risks

Another important danger in OTC trading is that the market for OTC shares is generally lightly traded, with huge bid-ask spreads that make profitable trading difficult.

For example, an OTC stock may trade for $0.05 per share with a bid of $0.05 and an ask of $0.10. An investor must pay the asking price of $0.10 per share to enter the stock and may only leave the position at $0.05 per share. In summary, as soon as the investor begins the transaction, the investment is down 50%. For the investor to break even, the stock would have to quadruple (not accounting for commissions).

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Despite the inherent hazards, the possibility of turning a little investment into a possible fortune continues to draw traders to the OTC market.

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