What It Takes To Become An Elite Trader

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What It Takes To Become An Elite Trader

Every year, millions of traders put their skills to the test in the financial markets, yet the vast majority lose their bets and walk away with their tails between their legs. A chosen few defy the odds, churning out profit after profit over extended periods of time, amassing the riches, security, and well-being that others only fantasize about. So, what distinguishes these great traders from the rest of the pack, and how can you join this exclusive club?

Let’s start with what isn’t essential to become an excellent trader. It is not necessary to attend particular courses or relocate to Manhattan and work on Wall Street for a decade or two, though many great traders do. You also don’t need a large investment to begin your trip since you already have the instruments for gradual and steady wealth growth. Finally, you don’t have to work at a prop store, going in every morning to commiserate with other like-minded people.

So, what does it take to stand out from the crowd and boost your trading results?

Treat Trading as a Business

To begin, think about trading as a business, not a pastime or a slot machine. This requires work since most people have deep-seated money difficulties that bubble to the surface when they take risks. Overcome these challenges by creating a business strategy that includes a budget for necessary tools like as real-time news and charts, as well as a list of the markets, instruments, and techniques you’ll trade. (For further information, see What It Takes to Become an Elite Trader.) Finish your strategy with a realistic picture of monthly and annual earnings objectives.

Record Keeping and Taxes

It is critical to have accurate, structured, and up-to-date records for your trading firm, just as it is for any other business. It is a good practice to have both digital and physical copy backups of important trade documents, such as: Your Trading Strategy:

  • A description of the plan
  • The plan’s programming/coding (if applicable)
  • Inputs (for example, the length of the moving average) (for example, the length of the moving average)
  • Past versions of the plan
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Brokerage Statements:

  • Organized by broker
  • Monthly reconciliation is required (mistakes do happen)

Trading Journals:

  • A log of your trade activities


  • Important phone numbers list (i.e., broker, ISP)
  • Economic calendar
  • List of market holidays
  • Rollover dates
  • Troubleshooting list

It’s a good idea to have a digital copy in one folder on your computer and a real copy in a separate “trade binder” with dividers for each area.

Beyond the Documents

Beyond the essential documentation, being organized in general may make it simpler to be an efficient company owner and dealer. Your office and trading desk, for example, should be well-organized, clutter-free, and well-stocked with office materials. Calculators, paper and pencil, your trade log, and a list of essential numbers should all be easily accessible at all times.

It’s also beneficial to have a system for undertaking research and development for your trading ideas. Much of this is dependent on having a well-thought-out approach for performing your research, so you don’t spend time duplicating work you’ve previously done. For example, having a rigorous way of naming the many versions of your trading strategy might make it lot simpler to discover what you’re searching for. For example, your countertrend approach may begin as CounterTrend V1.0; after making adjustments, the following version may be recorded as CounterTrend V1.1.

Track Your Taxes

Unless your trading activity reaches a specific level and you gain “trader tax status,” the IRS expects you to obey the same tax requirements as investors. For tax reasons, active traders may make the mark-to-market (MTM) choice, which allows them to deduct some trading-related expenditures such as platform fees and education.

Not everyone is eligible for MTM status, and not everyone wants to be. If you choose this choice, all of your positions must be considered as closed at the end of the year, whether or not they were really closed; all connected taxes become payable whether or not they were truly closed.

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While securities traders, in particular, may gain by making the MTM election, futures and commodities traders, who normally have more favorable tax treatment without the election, may suffer as a result. Reversing the MTM election may be challenging; before making any choices, you should counsel with a skilled CPA, tax professional, or attorney who has experience with trader tax problems.

Trading tax regulations are intricate and subject to change. As a result, it is usually worthwhile to spend the time and money to locate a knowledgeable expert to handle your taxes. Keeping proper records may make tax season less stressful and even cheaper if you work with a CPA, tax professional, or attorney.

Specialize in Something

Become a specialist as early in your trading career as possible, selecting specialized markets and trading strategies that fit your temperament and knowledge set. You’ll need to identify and master several trading edges, where favorable outcomes for certain techniques may be replicated at will over hundreds of positions. All successful edges have one thing in common: they make an attempt to manage risk before pursuing profit. If you can master that one notion, you’ll be well on your way to elite status.

What It Takes To Become An Elite Trader

Choose Your Information Sources Wisely

It’s easy to get engrossed in the media circus, listening to a continuous procession of talking heads express ideas that have no influence on your day-to-day operations. Instead, switch off the TV and subscribe to a real-time news service that delivers the facts without prejudice or emotion. With a selected Twitter feed of no more than 75 highly chosen sources, you’ll be following the same news flow as Wall Street’s best.

Find a Quality Mentor

Now comes the difficult part. To become a top trader, you must first learn from the greatest. That’s a difficult assignment given the abundance of self-proclaimed gurus pitching their wares in chat rooms and publications. Unfortunately, few of these people have the knowledge, expertise, or long-term track record required to elevate your trading game to top rank.

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Rather than avoiding these people when looking for a mentor, it’s best to try out as many professors, methods, and approaches as possible to figure out what works and what doesn’t. You’ll meet a few helpful instructors along the way who will provide you with a lifetime of trading expertise.

Take Care of Yourself

Depending on your existing lifestyle, your last duty may be the most difficult. Once you’ve decided to follow the elite road, you must keep track of your personal routines and interpersonal interactions. Drug use, poor diet, and sleeplessness impair the mental abilities necessary to withdraw money from the market on a daily basis. Add in marital strife or squabbles with parents, and there will be even more opportunities for your money and discipline to be lost via your positions.

Recognize the profound link between how you feel and your bottom-line performance. Personal difficulties should not be dealt with in financial markets, so clean up your act and stop smoking, go to the gym, and give your spouse flowers. You have crucial job to perform and must be at your best in order to trade at the top of your game.

The Bottom Line

The exceptional trader adopts a serious attitude to financial markets, always balancing risk vs possible return. They develop their profession via meticulous documentation, carefully selected data sources, well-defined trading edges, and lasting relationships with mentors who will help them reach the next level of success.

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